Thursday, August 31, 2017

Review: Patterns of Evidence EXODUS DVD

The Bible as historical truth is continually under attack. I cringe when I see documentaries coming on television that are about the Bible, the Holy Land, or any of our Christian holy days. I know that it likely is either going to present the Bible as mythological, or it's going to attempt to disprove the Bible.

Patterns of Evidence: EXODUS tells the story of Timothy Mahoney's journey to determine if the Biblical story of the Exodus is true or not. He starts out concerned that scientists were finding no evidence of an actual Exodus, and quickly becomes discouraged as he is told over and over by archaeologists in Egypt that there is no evidence for it. He realizes that if the story of the Exodus is not true, it brings the entire Bible into doubt.

Mahoney determines to follow the evidence, no matter what final truth it will unveil and continues to seek out experts and evidence on both sides of the argument. Through twelve years of interviews, trips to actual archaeological sites, visits to experts around the world, and lots of reading, he reaches the conclusion that the evidence for an actual exodus of Israelite slaves from Egypt does exist. Unfortunately, most scientists refuse to recognize this evidence since it isn't in the era they expect it to be in.

This documentary is extremely well-made. The camera work is excellent, the musical background is compelling, the interviews with experts are inter-mingled with the musings of the film-maker himself. My husband, myself, and my older children really enjoyed this documentary. I love that it affirmed the Bible as historical truth for my family. I know it will help to reaffirm the faith of others, just as this journey affirmed Timothy Mahoney's faith in the veracity of the Scriptures.

April E.

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