Monday, August 11, 2008

The bad, the ugly, and the good ...

Yes, I know I have that in the wrong order.  But that's the order I'm going to share in.

The bad ...

  • my only shower in my only bathroom isn't draining right ... after trying 3 different products  this weekend, we're still standing in a pool of water after a fast shower ... Steve is going to have to take pipes apart to find the clog

  • that same shower also is leaking ... it dribbles (worse than a drip) constantly, just months after Steve repaired the last leak

  • the only toilet in that only bathroom will run endlessly after it's flushed, so we are always listening for it and trying to jiggle it before it wastes too much water

  • my new dog chewed up 3 flip flops, took a bite out of one pair of sandals, and bit the nose off our Winnie the Pooh rocking toy when we were away on Saturday even though we picked up the whole house before we left ... so now she must spend her time in a kennel outside whenever we go anywhere

  • this baby is due in 36 days and it seems fairly certain we will not be able to go anywhere as a family (in one vehicle) after he arrives ... still haven't replaced the front seats with a bench in our Suburban or found a van

  • we never managed to get a garden planted this year, and only 3 of our tomato plants have survived in their containers ... cherry tomatoes, which are just starting to bloom in August

  • Steve's current job situation gets messy at times with power struggles between different departments

  • I still haven't asked anyone (or decided who to ask) to watch the kids when we go to the hospital to have this baby

The ugly ...

  • Steve's commuter car has been at the shop for over a month, it needs a new transmission most likely ... our second transmission replacement this year (not same car) and we are making payments on it while it sits ... and trying to get together the money to replace the transmission

  • Steve's Dad is in the hospital, in another state, facing amputation of his foot due to diabetes, and appears to be getting worse instead of better ... he's been there a week

  • Steve's mother has alzheimers and needs as much or more care than she can give to his Dad

  • the situation with Steve's parents is so big that it feels like it deserves more than two bullet points

  • I haven't been able to bring myself to blog about it for the past week, but it has consumed most of our thoughts and energy and our conversations

The good ...

  • God is faithful to fulfill all our needs and give us strength for anything He allows in our lives

  • we are blessed in so many ways:  home, family, freedom, Steve's job

  • we are healthy

  • I have a wonderful hard-working, faithful and loving husband who was teaching our kids to play softball/baseball last night ... yes I played, too.  (someone had to show them how to bat since Steve pitches better than I do ... not that I bat very well, either)

  • Steve's older commuter car is running and able to get him to and from work, even if it uses more gas

  • our Suburban is running well and hasn't given us any problems in months

  • we have wonderful maternity coverage on our insurance this pregnancy

  • so far, this has been my easiest and healthiest pregnancy ... despite the fact that it is my 7th baby and I'm now 35 ... what does that tell you about those two "high risk category" myths?

  • I have everything I need to start school next week, and continue to find curriculum and books we need on

  • I am able to stay home with our children and home educate them

  • the weather has been in the 70s and lower 80s for a week of beautiful weather now, and is projected to remain there for the next 10 days ... we survived the worst part of summer without air conditioning

  • we are not citizens of this earth, but our citizenship is in heaven, and we have the hope of heaven to look forward to

  • we have indoor plumbing, even if it isn't currently working well

  • my children did their chores quickly this morning, supper is in the crockpot, our pantry is full, and I am about to use my washing machine to wash clothes

Yes, I have things I could whine about, and I have some serious concerns at the moment ... but life is still good.  God has blessed us, and I believe He will continue to bless us.  Not that our life will always be easy, but that there are blessings in the midst of the hardships.  Not all blessings are tangible blessings, but they are still blessings.  Sometimes the intangible blessings are more valuable than the tangible blessings.

Trusting in Him,

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