Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sweet baby blankets

We always make a 2-layer flannel blanket with satin ribbon binding for our babies.  When we were in JoAnn's last weekend, we were shopping for flannel for this baby girl we're expecting.   Of course, we had multiple opinions flying back and forth, as my daughters all had their own unique preferences.  But in the end, we settled on this yellow and pink "Little Cutie" fabric.

Then my daughters noticed that there was a green and blue "Little Buddy" corresponding fabric.  Well, since my sister is due the day after I am, with a boy, we couldn't resist buying that fabric for her baby.

I really love brown and pink together, but the girls didn't like brown satin ribbon binding on the pink and yellow blanket.  They all felt it was too dark for the yellow, even though there is brown in the flannel, as well.   In the end, we agreed on yellow satin binding for our baby blanket, and brown satin binding for my sister's baby blanket.

I spent some time this morning sewing the blankets, and I like how they turned out.   I think I like the colors of the boy's blanket better, but I'll enjoy wrapping our little girl in her blanket, as well.

Now to get my sister's blanket in the mail to her.  I hope she likes it!

Waiting on our babies,
April E.


  1. Those both turned out really cute! Do you have to tack or quilt the flannel? Or do you just have to sew on the binding?

  2. Kristen, I buy 2 yards of flannel and fold it in half with the right sides facing out (if both sides are going to be the same). Then I do sew around the edges to hold them together before I sew on the binding. I don't quilt or sew the center of the blanket, the binding has always held it together just fine. The hardest part is getting the binding on neatly at the corners, and making sure I sew through both sides of the binding. One side of the binding is a tiny bit shorter, and I usually forget and end up with that side facing DOWN. Oops! So afterward, I flip it over, see where I missed the binding, and have to sew it down, as well.

  3. Those are absolutely beautiful and it's so neat that you and your sister are expecting babies so close together!

  4. Thanks April. I have not gotten along well with binding in the past. (Those aprons last year gave me fits!) I've not tried satin before so that may make it even harder. I might try it anyway, especially if I catch a sale on fabric :)

  5. Kristen, since this is much wider than the apron binding, it is easier to work with. The easiest way to do the corners, is to cut it off at the end. Then start the other direction, and fold the binding under a tiny bit, so it can't unravel. Sew along the folded under edge, and then turn and sew along until you get to the next corner. It means having 4 pieces of binding and squared off corners, but it is definitely easiest. I've taken to folding the corner so it creates an angled seam, and not cutting the binding, but it's harder and doesn't always turn out as neatly as I'd like. LOL!!

  6. Precious!! Love that you and your sister are expecting at the same time.

  7. Pretty blankies for new babies! For summer babies I've used cotton on one side... I'm going to be making a baby quilt for a new baby in our church. I call it a "cheater's quilt" b/c I don't piece it. I only quilt one motif out of the print which is just on one of the fabrics. It's going to be cotton both sides with crib sized quilt batting in between...Which reminds me, I gotta get on will be here this fall!! Oh, I don't use binding either, i wrap the edges and hand sew...dislike binding...LOL! Glad yours turn out so nice; mine NEVER do... ;-))

  8. I've made summer blankets with two layers of seersucker fabric. It softens up so nicely. I don't put a satin binding on those. I just sew the blanket together inside out, leaving one edge open to turn it right side out. After it's right side out, I fold in the unsewn section, and sew around the edges again.


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