Saturday, October 23, 2010

Housekeeping Rule (tip) #253

If you want your cat litter to last a little longer ...

just burn a scented candle.

It will disguise the litter box smell for at least another day.

Of course, this should probably only be used in emergencies, like when your family is puking everywhere and you really don't have time to change the cat litter but the smell is really making you want to puke, too.  Well, actually, if the smell is making you want to puke, you'd better take the time to change the cat litter.

Okay, so only use this if you aren't expecting company, and you're feeling just a little bit lazy.  Or when you can't stand the smell but need a few more hours before you're able to get to it.  How's that?  ;)

Just sayin'!
April E.

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