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Review: A Stitch in Crime by Cathy Elliott

Thea James is a young entrepreneur, running the Antique Emporium in historic downtown Larkindale. She unwittingly found herself as chairwoman (thanks to an absentee co-chairwoman) of the week-long Quilt Show events. Unfortunately, NOTHING goes right that week, with artifacts being stolen, people being boshed on the head, and a missing Gram to track down. To make matters worse, Thea is also having personal problems with her former best friend and an uncertain relationship with a handsome reporter. Despite all that, she takes it on herself to try to recover the missing artifacts and figure out who's boshing quilt experts on the head.

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This is the second Quilts of Love book that I've read, both mysteries, but this was my first Thea James mystery. The entire time I was reading, I had a sense that there must be a previous Thea James book out there, because I felt like I had walked into a party full of strangers I was supposed to know. I just knew there was a subplot going on that must have been explained somewhere else first. That initial confusion made it a little hard for me to get sucked into the mystery right away. 

Overall, I enjoyed the story, though it would have helped to have read the introductory Thea James book first. A Stitch in Crime is definitely more on the cozy mystery side than the suspense side. Though the series is called the Quilts of Love, there really is minimal romance in this book. There is tension between Thea and Cole throughout the book, everyone has the impression they are an item, though Thea seems very unsure of that herself and there aren't any romantic moments between them at all.

In the end, the mystery is completely solved, Thea is assured by her competitor that Cole adores her, and she makes amends with her life-long friend Renee. The only mystery that isn't explained is why Odette wants to avoid the police so badly. Perhaps that will be explained in the next Thea James mystery.

A Stitch In Crime was an enjoyable and relaxing book to read. It wasn't my favorite book this year, but I would recommend it to other cozy mystery fans, especially those with an interest in quilting or sewing.

April E.

Note: I received this book free for review purposes. No other compensation was received and the thoughts contained in this review are completely my own.

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