Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Housekeeping Rule #598

If you finally get all the laundry washed, dried, and folded ... the children will suddenly emerge from their bedrooms with a secret stash of dirty clothes to refill the laundry hampers.

After all, a hamper can't sit empty for more than an hour.  It's a law.

(If you're looking for the previous 597 rules, there aren't any.  I chose a random number.  But I will be adding more housekeeping rules, as time goes on.)

April E.


  1. Whoa!! Wait, you mean there IS a bottom to the hamper?? I thought it was a myth!! :) Don't tell this tid bit to my husband, he may actually ask that I find it!

  2. I LOVED your "Who's April" portion!!! I gotta tell you it was like reading my own description but you put it into words so well!!!

    Love your blog!! So many great little posts here!!

    Just visiting from the Blog walk!!

  3. That is so true. Mine like to throw their clean clothes back in the basket after they pull them out to fins something to wear! Grrrrrr!

    I'm visiting you from the crew blogwalk. Nice to meet you!


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