Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Maybe I don't really want to know ...

Do you ever wonder what your kids are thinking?  Of course you do.  Every mother does.  I had a moment like that today.

I was on my way up from the basement when something caught my eye out the window -- it was something plaid lying in the grass.  I went out, and discovered a pair of my 6 year old's shorts lying there.  I wasn't sure if they were clean or dirty, so I took them into my room and put them in the hamper.

I was washing dishes a short time later when my  6 year old came to tell me he'd lost something.  "Mom, I lost a pair of shorts, and they were good ones."

I asked him if they were plaid.  He looked confused and told me they had little squares all over them.

I took him into my room and got them out of the hamper, and told him I'd found them on the grass.  He grinned and said they must have blown away.  He quickly ran off, leaving me to wonder what they blew away from, and why they were outside in the first place?

Back to washing dishes.

Then he ran past the kitchen window, wearing the shorts on his head.  And here I'd thought he was going to take off his swim trunks and wear the shorts properly.  What was I thinking?

More importantly, what was he thinking?  What game was he playing?  And where are the shorts now?

Loving my kids,
April E.


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