Sunday, July 11, 2010

It's just us in the clown car.

Yesterday we traveled to a larger town to do some shopping.  We needed to hit a thrift store, Aldi's, JoAnn's fabric, and some other places our small town doesn't have.

We'd been there for several hours when the children started to complain that their water bottles were getting low, and were warm.  We'd spent some time playing in a park and they were all hot and thirsty.  Steve spotted an Arby's and asked me if I wanted a jamocha shake.  I told him I would enjoy one, but could also live without it.

He pulled into the drive through and asked me how many ice waters we needed.  We debated over 6 or 8 and our 13 year old quickly responded that we needed 9 ice waters ... one for each person.

So Steve ordered one jamocha shake, and 9 ice waters.

At that point the cashier asked, "Nine?!?!"

Steve responded, "Yes, nine."

They charged us for the jamocha shake and told us to pull around.  We did, and as the cashier reached out to take our money, he said, "I half expected to see a clown car  pull up."

We laughed and replied, "No, just a full Suburban."

At that point, he started handing out the water cups, one at a time.  He counted as he handed them to Steve.  Steve handed them to me.  I passed them back to 13 yo R who distributed them to the kids.  As he counted and the cup relay was underway, other Arby's workers gathered around and grinned at the spectacle.

I guess they don't hand out 9 water cups at the drive-through very often.  I'm just thankful they were so good-natured about it.  They didn't limit us to only 3.  They didn't charge us for them.  They weren't rude.

They were just fascinated, and amused.  I can live with that.

In the meantime ... it's just our little family ... in the clown car.

April E.


  1. April, our lives are vey similar! Many times when you write things on your blog I get a chuckle because we do the same things. If we lived near each other I think we'd be great friends IRL!

  2. So cute, April! :) thanks for sharing!

  3. How precious, maybe it made an impression on some of the employees about the blessings of children!

  4. Before I began babysitting this past spring we would often take our family (2 adults and 3 kids) out in my husband's VW Golf. I COULD get a booster and 2 childseats in the back, but the oldest boys were on the edges and had to lean toward the center when we shut the door because the door would push them all into the middle. The teeny little holes left to wind the seat belt through down to the buckle beside the booster seat was a bear and would often take me about 5 minutes just to get one belt latched... and that was with me twisting like a contortionist. I always got really weird looks.

    The mileage of that diesel VW was worth it to us though. I will ALWAYS have fond memories of squishing my little ones into the back of that car.... but am also now very thankful for my 15 year old mini-van with a door that doesn't slide but opens like a car door! :) Quirks can be fun!


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