Sunday, August 10, 2008

If you take a 2 year old to the mall ...

and you let her walk, she will be the slowest person in the group.

If you give the 2 year old a slushie to suck through a straw, she will walk slower than she has ever walked before.  It is amazing how slow a 2 year old can walk with a slushie in the mall.  It's directly converse to how amazingly fast they can run when they want to. 

If said 2 year old needs to "fill her britches" she will also take every opportunity while lagging 6 feet behind you to duck into aisles, hide under clothes, and basically try to disappear to do her business.  While this can be extremely cute when she peeks out at you with a grin from behind the first stack of clothes, it gets very old after the 15th or 20th attempt.

If you keep a close eye on her, you can keep her moving and retrieve her from her hiding places too fast for her to do this business ... until you reach your destination, where she will find a corner, and stink up the store. 

Of course, she will stink up the store just 20 minutes after you changed her diaper ... thus necessitating that one parent walk her across the mall to the bathroom AGAIN to change the stinky diaper.  (Thus stinking up the entire mall along the way). 

All because you didn't want to get the stroller out of the back of the Suburban, and you forgot to pack a baby carrier.

Laughing with Him,

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  1. I am cracking up laughing...not AT you, of course, but because I have SO BEEN THERE and I feel your pain! But you got me back--I laughed so hard I peed on myself. :) Have a lovely, stink-free, dry panties day!




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