Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Missing Link: FOUND!

I just finished reading The Missing Link: FOUND, the first book in the Truth Seekers Mystery Series by Felice Gerwitz and Christina Gerwitz.  Felice Gerwitz is an author, and the founder of Media Angels, a Christian publishing company.  Felice wrote the Truth Seekers Mystery Series with her homeschooled daughter, Christina. 

When I first received this book to review, my 13 year old daughter ran off with it.  She was eager to read it, and enjoyed it very much.  She kept telling me about the book as we washed dishes, and as we ate dinner.  She was drawn into the story, and enjoyed learning more about creation science, which has been fascinating her for the past few months. 

I sat down to read The Missing Link: FOUND last night.  It wasn't difficult for my 13 year old, or myself to read.  We both were drawn into the story line, and were interested in the outcome of the plot.  The scientific debate between evolutionists and Creation Scientists was informative.  The book explained the scientific facts involved in the debate in an understandable way, for older children.

Our only critique is that we both found editing errors in the book.  13 yo A first told me that there was a word left out here and there, and that several times the first quotation mark was left off a quote.  I only noticed one preposition left out of a sentence, but I did notice the missing quotation marks. 

Due to the scientific discussions woven into the story, it would not make a good read-aloud for those with a wide age-range of children.   Most younger children would lose interest.  Families with only upper elementary and junior high age children would enjoy reading it together as a family.  However, I think it is most suitable for personal reading for the junior high student.

The Missing Link: FOUND is an enjoyable and educational book.  The Truth Seeker Mystery Series fills a need for interesting, wholesome, Christian books geared to junior high children.  The adventure mystery genre draws the reader in, while educating them about creation science.  The authors have found a niche with their emphasis on Creation Science and debunking evolution.

I would be glad to add The Truth Seeker Mystery Series to our family bookshelf.  It is a good series that my children would enjoy reading -- infinitely better than many of the new series being added to bookstore shelves around the country.  I'm looking forward to reading the remaining two books in the series.

The Missing Link: FOUND
can be purchased from Media Angels website for $8.99 in softcover format ... perfect stocking stuffers for Christmas.  The 3-book series can be purchased for $22.00, saving nearly $5.00.   There are literature study guides to use in your homeschool available for each book, at $6.50 each.  A 3-book, 3-guide set is sold for $40.  While visiting the Media Angels website, you can look at their other Creation Science studies. 

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  1. It is always great to hear about books that are good enough to cause a child to hide off and read.


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