Thursday, June 17, 2010

Why is it so quiet?

Monday I took my 9 yo and 11 yo to church, so they could go to kid's camp.  I'll be picking them up this afternoon.  Today, I took my 13 yo and almost 15 yo daughters to an all-day babysitting/first aid class.   So it's just me and the 3 "littles".

We hadn't been home long from dropping off his oldest sisters, when the 6 yo said, "Why is it so quiet?  I want some noise!" He turned the TV on to provide some noise.  I think he misses his older siblings.

Thanks for all the egg ideas.  I had looked at some of the websites that you shared, but not all of them.  We already do make "breakfast burritos" fairly often.  Most of my kids dislike breakfast casseroles, and one dislikes scrambled eggs.   I don't think my kids have ever tried egg salad, but we're going to have to try it soon.

Kimberly suggested I could freeze my excess eggs.  I'd never heard of that!  But I also came across this My Year Living On Food Storage blog today, and it has a post about freezing foods, including eggs.  I'm going to have to try that.

We haven't remembered to take any eggs to church to give away lately, and hadn't sold any recently, either.  I need to find an outlet for that, though I'm somewhat leery of going the farmer's market route.  (What level of licensing or quality control would we need for that?)  Tuesday, I was up to 14 dozen eggs in the fridge!! We used 2 dozen for scrambled eggs that night for supper.

Yesterday, I floated the remaining eggs to make sure they were still fresh.  I boiled the oldest 2 dozen and used some of them in tuna salad (which I've craved a lot this pregnancy).  Today, Steve took 6 dozen to work with him to give away, which we've never done before.  He also suggested I take some with me when I pick up the camp kids to thank the driver for bringing them home.  If the driver doesn't want them, one of the pastors in the church office might.

We've thought about posting an "Eggs For Sale" sign down by the road, but then we'd have to be ready for drop-ins from strangers.  LOL!!  I thought about asking facebook local friends if anyone wanted to buy some eggs, but since I wasn't going into town this week, and we're out in the country, I didn't expect we'd have many "takers" at the moment.

Well, I need to get some housework done while the "littles" are content, or I won't get anything done today.

April E.


  1. Wow, you did have a busy one, for sure! Here's to no more forks in the eye.. LOL!

  2. I would love to buy eggs....too bad you are so far away!!!

  3. My sister sells her eggs on Craigslist. She got several followers from there. Some come weekly and others only a couple times a month. She basically has a standing order for each of the regulars now. I believe she only posted it for a couple of days.
    Just a thought. We love eggs around here too.


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