Friday, June 11, 2010

2010 - 2011 Homeschool Crew

I'm returning to the Crew as a First Mate again this year.  Once again, I'll be mentoring a small group of new crew members. And once again, I've named my group "Full and By".

"Full and By" is  a nautical term that figuratively means getting on with the job but in a steady, relaxed way, without undue urgency or strain.  That is still my personal goal for my family, my homeschool, and myself.

My Crew members are:

Be sure to stop by and meet each of these Crew members, as well as encourage the two new bloggers on our team.

It's going to be another great year on the Crew!

April E.


  1. Thanks for introducing your team, April. I'm going right now to follow all their blogs. :)

  2. Looking forward to getting to know each team member!

  3. April,

    Thank you for the promotion of your team on your blog. I'm looking forward to getting started and am feeling quite encouraged after reading the Crew Manual this morning. I have trapped time while waiting for my children at swim team in the morning so it is a great time for reading and planning.

    I like the name you picked for the crew too!


  4. Hello April! I'm happy to be working with you again!

  5. Looking forward to getting to know you and all the crew this year! Love the name of your crew too by the way!


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