Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Bible CD -- Let's Sing About The Book We Love!

THE BIBLE CD - Let's Sing About The Book We Love!
by Bible StorySongs, Inc.

The TOS Homeschool Crew members were each sent a different CD by Bible StorySongs to review. Bible StorySongs has six different CDs available:  Moses vol. 1, Moses vol. 2, Matthew vol. 1, Matthew vol. 2, The Bible, and David.  Our family received The Bible CD, with 32 original songs and rounds about the Bible.  The songs include books of the Bible songs, as well as songs based on key Scriptures. 

Bible memorization is important, but it often takes the backburner to other things that seem more urgent.  The Bible StorySongs CDs allow your family to memorize Scripture while going about their other tasks: like putting away toys, washing dishes, driving to the library.  Multi-tasking at its finest, and music is an excellent memory tool!

Our family loves playing CDs while we sleep.  We put them on repeat and let them play all night long.  This helps my children fall back to sleep if they wake up during the night.  The Bible CD is calm enough that it can be played during the night, but also enjoyable for day-time listening.  I love knowing that they are hearing Scripture and Truth all night long if we play The Bible CD.

The music is sung by children in natural voices -- not by adults, and not by character voices.  The music is a mix of original tunes and those borrowed from folk songs and classical music.  This lends itself well to use in home settings, as well as church settings like Awana, children's church, Vacation Bible School, and homeschool groups.  Many of the songs would be perfect for use in a homeschool or church choir -- practicing blending voices, listening to each other, and singing in rounds.

Bible StorySongs also has sheet music available at their website.  Some of the CDs have puzzles or coloring songbooks available, as well.  You can even hear samples of the music HERE

The CDs are reasonably priced, at $9.99 per CD.  The sheet music is available for $9.99 alone, or is sold with the CD for $16.99.  There's a quantity discount available, as well.  You can see all their CD prices HERE

If you're looking for another tool to teach Scripture to your children, Bible StorySongsThe Bible CD is a versatile, affordable option for your family, church, or homeschool group.

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