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Generations of Virtue: Beautifully Made

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We were blessed to be able to review this set of 3 books from Generations of Virtue. I'd stumbled across Generations of Virtue's website when I was searching for a Purity Ring for my daughter's 13th birthday, but I hadn't seen the Beautifully Made books before. 

"Purity of Heart. Purity of Mind. Purity of Body."  That is the central message of all the products created by or sold by Generations of Virtue.  They are a non-profit organization of volunteers who are working together to equip parents to teach purity to their children.   Generations of Virtue has books and products for boys and girls of all ages.  Several of our favorite books are sold at Generations of Virtue.

The Beautifully Made book trio is created by Generations of Virtue, edited by Julie Hiramine.  There are 3 books in this set: two for our daughters, and one for mothers.  It is a Biblically-based purity-minded series designed to help prepare our daughters for puberty and the changes that come during that time.

The books are well-written, clearly explained, and they handle the subject matter delicately.  Not only are the changes of puberty covered, but the books also include suggestions for coping with physical discomforts naturally.  The first book is designed for daughters approaching womanhood, the second is for daughters who have reached womanhood, and the third is guidance for mothers on how to handle this time of change. 

The goal of the books is to celebrate womanhood as God's design, and not to present our daughters with more information than they need.  They succeed!

I'm very thankful to have these books to share with my daughters.   I had discussed most of the information with my daughters already, but it is still helpful to be able to provide them a book to read as often as they'd like, and know it will not contain any objectionable material.

There are only two concerns I have about the books.  The second book (Celebrating Womanhood) discusses the use of certain feminine products, and encourages girls to let adults know if they decide to use protection other than feminine napkins.  I feel it is best that daughters seek their mother's advice before deciding what type of feminine protection to use, rather than informing them afterward.

The other concern I have is also in the Celebrating Womanhood book.  One chapter in this book talks about the spiritual symbolism of the menstrual cycle.  I suggest that mothers read the book and decide if they agree with this chapter or not.  If you feel this chapter is unnecessary or disagrees with your theology, then you should paper clip or tape that chapter shut.  At the very least, I suggest you discuss this chapter with your daughters.

Other than those two concerns, I highly recommend the Beautifully Made book trio.  There is nothing else like it available, and its value far outweighs those two concerns.  If you have daughters approaching womanhood, this set is a wonderful investment!  If you don't have open communication lines with your daughters, then this set can help to establish those.  If you've already discussed these issues, it can enhance your future discussions, and serve as a reminder.  It's very important to communicate with your daughters as they grow into young women.

The Beautifully Made set is reasonably priced, and can be bought for $18.99 at the Generations of Virtue website.  The Celebrating Womanhood book is also sold individually, so you can present it to each daughter as a celebration.  It is normally sold for $6.99, but at the moment they are selling an older version for $3.99.  

I hope you'll take some time to look around Generations of Virtue. I'm sure you can find a gift or book for each of your children.  If you're looking for a gift idea for your child, a friend, a family member ... Generations of Virtue has a plethora of wonderful Biblical books.

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