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Homeschool In The Woods New Testament Activity Pak

Do your children run through more paper, tape and glue than you imagined possible?  Are scraps of paper floating around your dining room table from scissor-happy hands?  Do you find crayons and colored pencils in every room of the house?  Does a new package of printer paper make your children scream with delight?  Then this product is for YOU!

We were sent a beautiful New Testament Activity-Pak from Homeschool In The Woods, to review.  (Click the Homeschool In The Woods logo to go right to the website.)  This activity-pak is full of activities!  There are 13 different activities to put IN the lapbook, and 2 additional projects to work on outside of the lapbook. 

The following activities are included in the lapbook:

  • Books of the New Testament,

  • Prophecies fulfilled by Jesus

  • Jesus' lineage

  • The birth of Jesus

  • The Beatitudes

  • First 12 Disciples

  • Parables of Jesus

  • Miracles of Jesus

  • The Last Supper

  • Crucifixion, resurrection, ascension and Pentecost

  • Christ's resurrection

  • Fruit of the Spirit

  • Paul's missionary journeys

  • Paul's letters

In addition to those lapbook activities, the New Testament Activity-Pak includes two external projects:

  • The Armor of God Poster project

  • The New Testament News newspaper

The lapbook's classic art style is not only beautiful but versatile.  It can be printed on colored paper, white paper, printed in color, or printed in black and white to be colored in by children.   This lapbook is wonderful for an Advent or Lent Bible study with your children.  It can be approached in two different ways:  slowly completing each individual activity as you study the Scripture that accompanies it, or quickly building the lapbook and then studying the Scriptures afterwards.   It can be an entire semester of Bible Study if one activity is completed each week, and the Scripture is studied and memorized throughout the week. 

We're still working on completing our New Testament Lapbook, as you can see.  We're enjoying the hands-on Bible lessons,  and I'm looking forward to completing the New Testament News with the children.  They are always trying to create newspapers and newsletters, and will really enjoy that activity.  The boys will love having their faces put on the Armor of God posters and hung in their bedroom.

I only have one warning:  pay attention to the printing instructions!  Some of the activity pages need to be printed front/back and some of them need multiple copies of the same sheet.   In addition, this lapbook is for children in 2nd grade or above.  My 2nd grader was able to complete some activities on his own, but my 6th grader needed my help to understand the instructions on the more complicated activities.  We all agreed it was best for me to put together the pie booklet, which was the most difficult of the booklets.  The lapbook does include detailed, illustrated instructions that are quite helpful.

You can get your own copy of the New Testament News activity-pak by download for $18.95, or on CD for $19.95.  Since the activities can be re-printed, allowing your family to make a new lapbook at a later time, it is a reusable and non-consummable curriculum.  It does involve the additional cost of printing (paper and ink) which will vary according to the type of paper you use and your printer's ink costs, so take that into account when you are budgeting for this project.  In addition to the paper and printer ink,  you will also need 2 file folders, glue, tape, colored pencils, and brass fasteners to finish this project.

My dining room table is covered in paper scraps, colored pencils, scissors and tape every time we work on the New Testament lapbook ... but my children are having a blast as they learn about God's Word! 

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  1. I am getting this because of your review. It looks sooo good. I am so excited you shared it with me.


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