Monday, March 9, 2009

One 2 Believe: Tales of Glory Noah's Ark Figurine Set

Our kids were thrilled when we received another box of toys from One 2 Believe.  This time they sent us the Tales of Glory Noah's Ark figurine set.  All of the children joined in the fun, except the baby (although I'm sure he'd love to gum one of the animals for awhile.) 

Soon, they'd invented a game that would have defeated God's purposes in saving the animals on the ark.  The children were using Nerf guns to shoot at Noah and the animals.  They got more points for the larger animals, and they lost points if they shot Noah.  So, at least Noah was supposed to survive, but not the animals. 

They developed their rules, their point structure, perfected their aim, and tallied their scores.  Creative thinking, Logic, and Applied Math lessons for the day?  Um, zoology as they named, discussed, and rated the animals?

Thankfully, they also enjoy playing with the Noah's Ark figurine set the correct way.  Our ark actually came with an extra set of camels, which the kids added to our Nativity Set.  (They decided each wise man needed his own camel for traveling.) 

The Tales of Glory Noah's Ark play set from One 2 Believe comes with an ark, which has a detachable ramp and a removable lid (the animals can be stored in the base).  The ark is also designed to float.  Since we don't have a tub, my kids are anxious to try it out in the swimming pool this summer.  Noah is accompanied by the following animals:  a pair of elephants, a pair of ostriches, a pair of monkeys, a pair of donkeys, a pair of camels, a pair of lions, and a pair of sheep.  The figurine set is designed for children ages 3+.  However, as you can see in the picture, my 2 year old loves playing with it.

I always enjoy toys that encourage creative play.  Even if it means they turn Noah's Ark into a shooting gallery, I love that they're using their minds to play creatively.  (Are my kids the only ones who can turn silverware and pencils into people ... which can make meals and school time take a very long time?)

The Tales of Glory Noah's Ark play set has been a fun and well-used addition to our play room (which happens to be our living room).  You can purchase your own Noah's Ark figurine set for $29.99 from One 2 Believe

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