Tuesday, September 8, 2009

TOS Crew Review: STUDYPOD book holder

I tried to sneak this latest  TOS Crew review item into the house.  I knew that it would be something the children fought over, and I wanted to try it out first.  I failed.  It arrived as we were heading out of town, so I looked it over and slipped it into my review basket.  Within 5 minutes my oldest daughter had snagged it, looked it over, and set it up in her school area.  She's had it ever since, although the other children keep asking for a chance to try it out.


If you're wondering what item held so much appeal to her, it was the STUDYPOD book holder by Genio, LLC.  The STUDYPOD is a plastic book stand that folds up to the size of a book so you can slip it into your tote bag and take it with you.  When you are ready to use it, you turn the back support to the side, open the folded stand, lock it open, flip down the book rests, and adjust the page-holders.  It's really fast and simple to use.



But the best part is that it works.  It holds your book at a nearly upright angle, making it easier to work.  You aren't hunching over a book, or trying to look at a flat page far away from you.  In our home, we love that it saves table space.  It allows the 3 older girls to have a little more room when working from textbooks around the same table.  I'd love to borrow it and use it in the kitchen with my cookbooks, but I'm not sure I'll be able to get it away from my girls. 


Note:  There is a slight learning curve involved in turning pages without tearing them.  But the STUDYPOD comes with instructions on two different methods for turning the pages, as well as instructions on setting up the STUDYPOD.  It just takes a little time to practice and adjust, but I wouldn't recommend using this as a music stand where you'll be turning pages quickly and frequently.


The STUDYPOD is sturdily built, compact, and lightweight -- although I wouldn't recommend letting your youngest ones mess with it much.  I'm sure given enough time my 3 year old and 5 year old could find some way to break it.

As a book support and study aid, it works wonderfully.  My 14 year old daughter said, "It's WICKED COOL!  We each need one, Mom! They're only $20!!"  (Actually they're less than that if  you buy more than one at a time.)

The STUDYPOD is available in blue, black, and pink.  The BOOKPOD (same product, different colors) is available in black, gray and beige.  They retail for $19.95 each, although if you buy two or more, there is a discounted price of $16.95 each (you can mix STUDYPODS and BOOKPODS for the discount). 

In addition, the STUDYPOD company is offering a $5.00 discount for a limited time.  To use the $5.00 coupon, you must order from the STUDYPOD website, and enter the code TOSBLOG5 when you check out. 

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