Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Kids are usually good for a laugh

The other night, Steve was getting an update from each child at supper.  He asked them about their school lessons and then they started volunteering their own information. 

Our 12 yo was petitioning to get her own facebook account, email address, and blog.  She prepared a speech which she delivered on why she should get those things.  When that didn't get her the results she hoped for, she delivered in flowery Old English a list of Thou Shalts, Thou Shalt Nots, Thees, and Thines related to having her own facebook account.  At that point, we told her to drop the subject for the night.

The 8 yo had a different suggestion.  He wants his own pocket knife, "because he's responsible" ... he said.  A few minutes later, he was teasing a sibling and then said, "Wait.  Is teasing responsible?"  LOL!!  I guess he didn't want to do anything to hurt his chances of getting a pocket knife.  He also wants a bullwhip like Indiana Jones uses, and a lasso.  His older sisters think we're insane for considering giving him any of the three.

Steve wanted to know who had knocked over a stack of his papers during the day.  I told him I had no idea, but I'd guess someone under the age of 6.  I had already asked around and got a "Not me" from everyone.  But we tried again that night.  The 3 year old sweetly said "No" when asked if she did it.  The five year old gave us a disgusted and shocked look and said, "NO!"  He sounded seriously affronted, and Steve and I both started laughing.  LOL!!  That was not the response we expected.

Another day that week, my 8 year old came up to show me his ensemble for the day.  He had on a plaid button-up shirt he liked, his jeans, and his Jr. Ranger hat.  He showed me he had a toy holster on his belt with a toy gun in it, too.  Then he said in a very serious tone, "I've even got a pencil in my shirt pocket."   I asked him what the pencil was for, and he didn't know.   But he said it so impressively I had to laugh (inside).  Is he aspiring to be a "nerd" with the pens in the pockets, or does he think Indiana Jones comes equipped with pencils in his pocket.  I guess he just felt very "prepared" with his toy gun and his pencil.

Some of our children are going through some "growing pains", with emotions all out of sorts.  It always makes me laugh when they're in the midst of an emotional meltdown, or a heated discussion ... and they somehow trip up what they say.  It's just fun to be able to take what they said and turn it back around for your side of the discussion.  They may not appreciate it, but they usually crack a smile.  Sometimes we just need that moment to break the heaviness of the discussion.

I love my kids.  I love them when they are succeeding and doing well.  I love them when they are getting along with each other.   I love them when they are arguing and bickering with each other.  I love them when they are struggling with a school concept.  I love them when they are challenging me, or having an emotional meltdown. 

Parenting isn't always pretty.  It can get pretty messy, in fact.  When you've got toddlers and teens having emotional meltdowns, with middlers scuffling with each other ... it can REALLY be messy.  But we just keep cleaning up the emotional messes, picking up the literal messes, and persevere in love ... for them ... and God.  I'm so thankful God gave them to us, and that I get to be a homeschool Mom.  It is a blessing and a privilege to be with them each day.

Trusting In Him,

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  1. I am with you: teenagers and hormones and toddlers. They grow so fast.


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