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Review: Guardian Angel Publishing

I love to read, and my children love to read as well.  Books are some of our favorite gifts.  We have seven overflowing bookshelves, some of which are double-shelved.  Although we simply love to snuggle up on the couch with a book in our hands, we're obviously running out of room for physical books.  Which makes the fact that these books from Guardian Angel Publishing arrived as e-books an additional blessing.   Guardian Angel Publishing produces e-books, paperback books, and books on CD for children, ages 1-12.

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click to view Stubby's Destiny

Stubby's Destiny by Dixie Phillips has been awarded the Literary Excellence award for 2008's Best of Children's Animal category.  With warm illustrations by Kim Sponaugle, Stubby's Destiny tells the story of a donkey who longs to be used in the service of the king.  Trying to be tall and regal like a thoroughbred stallion, he repeatedly faces failure as he compares himself to his stallion friend.  Stubby learns that although he is a humble donkey, he can still be used in the service of the king. 

This was a cute story, that ends with Stubby serving the King of Kings during his triumphant entry into Jerusalem.  It's available in four formats:  download, CD, DVD, printed paperback.  Prices range from $5.00 for the instant download, through $10.95 + $6.95 shipping for the paperback version.

click to view No Bones About It

The Sum Of Our Parts:  No Bones About It
by Bill Kirk takes a children on a rhyming tour of the body, learning the names of all the bones in the body.  This book is full of factoids, helpful rhymes, and mystery bones to identify.  It is illustrated in a pen and ink style by Eugene Ruble.  My 8 year old son loved this book, although my 3 and 5 year old children felt some of the pictures were gross.  It's a fun way to learn about the human skeleton!

This book is only available in 3 formats:  download, CD, and printed paperback.  They are priced the same as the previous books.

click to view Rainbow Sheep

Rainbow Sheep by Kim Chatel is a darling book!  It is the winner of the 2009 Children's Fiction Eppie Award.  I loved the wool fiber art illustrations!!  My daughters were as fascinated with the unique artwork and vibrant colors as I was.  The book closes with a four page tutorial on wool felt fiber art.  This whimsical tale of a shepherdess, her sheep, and a sad rainbow is written for children age 4-10. 

Prices vary, beginning at $5.00 for e-book download, up through $10.95 + $6.95 shipping for a printed paperback copy.  It is also available on CD or DVD.

click to view Gifts From God

Gifts From God by Cynthia Reeg is filled with photography art by Mary Sue Roberts.  When I first started reading this to my children, only the 3 year old and 5 year old seemed interested.  I categorized it like a children's board book for toddlers and preschool because of that.  But then my 8 year old beginning reader wandered over to listen.  He soon jumped in and began reading the pages to my 3 year old, and the book gained a new classification by me -- a beginning reader book.

Each two page spread has a Scripture on one side, and a simple line of text on the other side.  The artwork is a mix of children and nature.   This book is also available in 3 formats:  CD, download, and printed paperback.  The PDF download is sold for $5.00, and the paperback copy is sold for $10.95 + $5.95 shipping. 

click to view  Earthquake

Earthquake by Susan J. Berger won an Honorable Mention in the Wild Card Category at the 2009 Green Book Festival.  Earthquake is illustrated by Eugene Ruble, and contains scientific and historical information about earthquakes.  The book includes experiments and emergency preparedness information for a fun addition to your science curriculum.

Available in 3 formats (PDF download, CD, and Printed Paperback) for $5.00 for the download through $11.95 + $6.95 shipping for the paperback copy.

click to view  Hamster Holidays

Hamster Holidays by Cynthia Reeg, has charming illustrations by Kit Grady.  This educational book includes fun rhymes about how hamsters celebrate their unique holidays, while teaching children to differentiate between nouns and adjectives.  Nouns are always printed in blue ink, and adjectives are always printed in red ink.  Other words are printed in black.   The book concludes with 8 pages of related activities and grammar lessons.

This is a fun book that is enjoyable on its own, as well as for a grammar lesson.  The creative illustrations hold everyone's attention.   Hamster Holidays is available in 3 versions (PDF ebook, CD ebook, and paperback print book) -- prices range from $5.00 for the downloaded ebook, through $10.95 + $6.95 for the paperback. 

Our favorites?
Of the six books that were sent to our family, Rainbow Sheep, No Bones About It and Hamster Holidays were our favorites.   You can see sample pages from each of these books by clicking on the picture of the book covers above.  You can also see other books published by Guardian Angel Publishing at their website, including some FREE e-books and coloring pages.

Guardian Angel Publishing pledges that your books will be free from error or they'll send a new copy to replace it.  They also promise that their books "will delight, tweak curiosity, teach and inspire your children!"   Their mission is to provide a safe and fun environment for children to learn and grow in, creating "a Christian and healthy attitude of learning, sharing, and caring." 

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