Monday, March 29, 2010

Math Galaxy: Math Games, Worksheet Generators, and E-books

Math Galaxy provides software that allows children to practice their math concepts, view demonstrations of how to solve each math problem, and also play games to reinforce the math concepts.  They also provide Worksheet Generator software, and Riddle Worksheet e-books.

The Products:

Each Math Galaxy game includes practice problems divided up by subject (the red boxes) as well as games (the blue boxes).   The topics and grades available for the game software includes:

  • Whole Numbers Fun, grades 1-4

  • Fractions Fun, grade 5

  • Decimals, Proportions, % Fun, grade 6

  • Word Problems Fun,  elementary and middle school

  • Pre-Algebra Fun,  middle school

  • Algebra Fundamentals, algebra students

One of the nice features of the games is the tutorials available during the practice problems.  They show you how to solve the math problem, step by step.  You can continue practicing problems until you no longer need the tutorials, and have mastered the concept.  Then move onto the next division of problems available.  These games require Windows 98 or higher, and also work with Mac OS X.

Worksheet Generator
software is available for four different topics: 

  • Whole Numbers

  • Fractions

  • Decimals, Proportions, %

  • Algebra

These worksheet generators include riddles the children can solve as they complete their math problems, adding an element of fun to the standard worksheet.    Each worksheet generator includes an unlimited number of problems, and 500 riddles.  This allows you to design a multitude of printable worksheets for your children to practice with.  The worksheet generators require Windows 98 or higher, and also work with Mac OS X. 

There are also e-books available for Whole Numbers Riddles Worksheets and Fractions Riddles Worksheets.  Each of these e-books include PDF worksheets featuring 130 of the 500 riddles included in the Worksheet Generator software.  You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader (available free) to view and print these worksheets.

ElCloud Opinion:
I've tried to get my children to spend more time playing the Math Galaxy games.  I don't know if it's the return of warm weather drawing them outside; if it's their active, distractable personalities; or if it's the games themselves -- but these just don't interest them in the same way that some of our other math games have.  They don't care for the practice problems portion at all, and the games don't hold their attention for very long.   Of all the games, they enjoy the Word Problems Fun game most of all, since they can set it up to play together. 

Purchasing Details: 
These products can be purchased at the Math Galaxy website.  They will arrive on CD-ROM for you to install on your computer.  The games retail for $29.95 with free shipping.  The worksheet generators retail for $29.95 with free shipping.  The e-books retail for $14.95 with free shipping.

This item was provided free for our review as a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew.  We received no other compensation, and this review is our honest opinion.  Click the TOS Homeschool Crew banner at the top to read more reviews on this product by other Homeschool Crew members.

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