Monday, April 18, 2011

2010-2011 Homeschool Crew nearing an end

I just received the next-to-last review product for this year.  One other should arrive today or tomorrow, and then that's it.  I'm busily trying to test out products so I can write my last ten reviews.


Yes, I did say 10 reviews.  I have 9 reviews due in May, which is the most of any month this Crew year.  Previously, I'd never had more than 5 due in one month.  So stay tuned ... the reviews will be coming fast and furious over the next 6 weeks.   I also have a few book reviews to post during that time, and then I'll have to figure out what to write about on my own.


The upcoming Crew reviews:

Institute for Excellence in Writing


Bright Ideas Press Wondermaps software

Mad Dog Math software

Talking Fingers Wordy Qwerty online program

See The Light Art DVD classes

Envision 1st grade math

Circle C Beginnings early readers

Yesterday's Classics e-book collection

Eagle's Wings Considering God's Creation


I"ll try to post my Top Ten Favorites from this year, and then we'll be done.  I won't be on next year's Crew, but I hope you'll follow the Homeschool Crew to keep up with next year's reviews.


April E.

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