Saturday, June 11, 2011

Well, it's the thought that counts, right?

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As Christian parents, we try to teach our children not to be selfish, to think of others first, and to serve those around them.  Mainly we get stuck at the first one ... trying to help them give up their innate selfishness as they interact with their siblings.


Well, last night our 7 year old displayed a moment of selflessness when he told his teenage sister his thoughts about the future.  I don't know what spawned this particular comment as they were just getting drinks of water before bed, but he was apparently feeling introspective when he said this:


"When I die, I don't want to be buried in the cemetery.  I don't want to take anyone else's place.  Just bury me in the back yard."


It's good to see he's thinking of others, I guess.  Now we just need to work on a more immediate application, like giving up his right to choose the next movie, or not fighting over a toy with his brother or sister.  Maybe someday.


Rejoicing in my family,
April E.


  1. Their comments are so funny. I kept a journal by my bed once to write these snippets down. . . wish I'd have kept up on it, but if I had, it would be a Large Volume by now. ;) Thanks for sharing!

  2. it's neat to write down these times. Through the years I thought I wouldn't forget, but oops I did.

    Appreciate your post!!!
    God bless,
    d from homehaven


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