Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Here, there, and everywhere ... a peek into our school room.

Not Back to School Blog Hop

I've shared pictures of our school area before, and I've posted about how my children use different parts of the house for their schoolwork.  But for the "Not" Back-To-School Blog Hop I'll share again. Just be forewarned that it's crowded, as we are a family of ten living in an 1800 sq. foot home, with 6 homeschool students and 2 preschoolers/toddlers.


My 11th grade daughter (almost 16) has started doing her schoolwork in the kitchen.  She has a table beside the fridge where she can work away from the play areas, the tv, and other students.  (She now has her milk crate of books sitting under the table.)

Our school area is also our dining room.  You can see how it's arranged in the following picture, complete with maps on our wall.  Most of our children USED to do their schoolwork here, but last year they started spreading out more. Now, only my 9th grader uses this room on a daily basis.  She sits right in front of the window.

This room is open to our living room, with only a built-in buffet dividing them. The nice thing is that the buffet has built-in bookshelves that we use to hold school books and supplies.

Those clear dish pans have been replaced with colorful milk crates.  The milk crates were part of our adapted workboxes, but we have since quit using them for that.  Each child still has their own, though.

Behind the table, under the window, we have a long, narrow table that holds more files and school supplies.  And by the way, the plants on the table are dead now.  This was taken two years ago, and our cats and kids killed them.

As I said, most of my children no longer do their schoolwork here.  My 5th grade son usually does his in his bedroom, and my 7th grade daughter usually works in her bedroom.  The 2nd grader sits near me, wherever I am. This Fall, my kindergartener will also need to sit near me, so I will probably put those two at the end of the dining room table again, the furthest end from my 9th grade daughter.

We do read aloud on the couch (in the adjoining living room) fairly often, and this will be even more true when I start using Five In A Row with my little ones again this Fall.  And of course, all of my kids take their literature and history books with them as they scatter all over the house to read in quiet cozy corners.


And that's just a little peek into our homeschool area.  You can see more school rooms at the "Not" Back-To-School Blog Hop.

Loving Learning at Home,
April E.

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  1. Wow--sounds like you are going to have a busy year! Have fun learning together!


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