Monday, April 30, 2012

Busy, crazy, hard days here ...

Our family has had an unexpected change in plans for the next month.  Steve's Mom is transitioning from independent living (in a senior community) to either a nursing home or possibly an assisted living facility.  Most likely it will be a nursing home, because her Alzheimer's is continuing to grow worse and she is not accepting her need for either facility.  She believes she can continue to care for herself, and that she's just going to pack up and move across the state.  Except, she doesn't have the ability to plan a move (we took care of details of her last move 1.5 years ago), and hasn't driven or had her car since September.  Of course, that's another source of contention, as she believes she is perfectly capable of still driving.  Sigh.

So this week, we have calls and visits to make to find the right place for her.  Steve will be meeting with doctors to find out if they even think assisted living is an option.  We'll be talking to nursing homes and having them go assess her at the hospital.  Then on Saturday and Sunday, we'll have to move her belongings into her new place, so when she's transferred sometime next week it's all ready for her.  But that won't be the end, because then we will have to sort and empty her duplex, while wrapping up our school year.  Steve's sister will be here Mother's Day weekend to help with the project again.  (She was here this weekend.)  Not the most fun way to spend Mother's Day for Kristi or myself ... but it needs to be done.  Steve has requested time off for our Anniversary, but we'll probably be spending it working on his Mom's stuff.  That's fine.  I totally understand, and it's only one month.

June will be calmer ... but then the church camps and family vacations will start.  End of June/early July is boom, boom, boom ... one thing after another.  Then we have County Fair and 4H projects to wrap up in late July.  That will be hectic and exhausting.  It always is.  Maybe August will be calmer.  Except, I'll be planning our new school year and probably starting school mid-August.  Which means, we really aren't going to get any less busy any time soon.  I'll just have to enjoy the peaceful moments in between the hectic times, even if it's just a day or two at a time.

With all that going on, I'm not sure how often I'll be able to blog this month, or this summer. (I do have several posts written already for this week.)  I'll try to post short little updates whenever I can.  Maybe the kids will be extra funny, and I can post their funny moments.  I can hope, right?

Just taking it one day at a time,
April E.

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