Thursday, August 23, 2012

2012-2013 Homeschool Plans

We're in our 3rd week of this school year, and so far things are going well.  I've already made some changes, though.  I had thought I'd include M and L in Tapestry of Grace with J and C, but it wasn't such a hit the first two weeks. I talked it over with Steve and told him Tapestry might be a bit easier for me with them, but that they would probably enjoy Five In A Row more.  I loved using Five In A Row with my older 3 children when we first began homeschooling.  So Steve told me to return to using Five In A Row with M and L this year.  I had used it last year but I wasn't diligent enough in getting the lessons covered with them, so I am committing to doing better this year, and they promised not to complain about hearing the same book each weekday.  This was our first week with Five In A Row.

A -- 12th Grade
Saxon Advanced Math
Classical Astronomy
College Composition 1 at community college
College Intro to Lit next semester
Economics (1/2 credit)
Personal Finance (Dave Ramsey's high school curriculum)
Studio Arts 2
US History
US Government (1/2 credit)

R -- 10th Grade
Saxon Geometry
Apologia Chemistry
English 2 (Progeny Press guides and Total Language Plus guides)
Abeka World History
BJU Geography
Personal Finance (Dave Ramsey)
Spanish 1

C -- 8th Grade
Saxon Pre-Algebra
Apologia Physical Science
Tapestry of Grace history and language arts
Spelling Power, Editor-in-Chief to supplement TOG LA
Typing with software
How To Be Your Own Selfish Pig (worldview book)
Fallacy Detective (logic book)
Writing (finish WriteShop Jr. we tested and do Story Starters)

J -- 6th Grade
Saxon 65 Math
Science (finish Apologia Astronomy, then It Couldn't Just Happen creation science book)
Tapestry of Grace (history and literature)
Easy Grammar 5 and Spelling Power
Handwriting D (A Reason For Writing)
Writing (finish WriteShop Jr. we tested and do Story Starters)

M -- 3rd Grade
Horizons 3 Math
Apologia Science (Flying Creatures first)
Handwriting Transition (A Reason For Writing)
Spelling Power
WriteShop and Story Starters
Five In A Row unit studies

L -- 1st Grade
Horizons 1 Math
Ordinary Parents Guide To Teaching Reading, Explode the Code books, Bob books
Christian Liberty Nature Reader Kindergarten (later in year when reading improves)
A Reason For Writing  Handwriting (finish A, start B)
Five In A Row

G -- preschool
cheap workbooks and free printables for handwriting and math skills
lots of puzzles and coloring and listening to books
continue introducing alphabet
Before Five In A Row

Hopefully we'll have a productive school year, stay on track, and even with taking a baby break in March/April, we should finish school at the very end of May (if all goes as planned.)

April E.

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