Wednesday, August 14, 2013

You might be a stressed-out homeschool mom if ...

Today is our third day of school.  It has not been a good day.  I've been exhibiting several odd behaviors that tell me there is a reason I'm now on blood pressure medication.  Or maybe nine of them.

Ten signs that your first week of homeschool might be a little difficult:

10.  Your husband calls and asks cautiously, "how's it going today?"

9.  You're counting down the days to Thanksgiving Break already, and wondering if it's too early for a personal day for the teacher.

8.  You've said, "Just get back to work!" more times than you can count.  You wish you could send them to the principal's office.

7.  You go outside to get the mail and wonder if they'll be screaming before you get back inside.  Then you wonder if you can get away with wearing ear plugs all day long.

6.  Your husband tells you to put all the kids back on their allergy meds since pollen is high.

5. You consider giving your children A's in debate, creative interpretation, and drama ... and F's in time management.

4.  You are pretty certain that most of your kids are heathens who are going to end up in jail eventually.   (Note: I do not really believe this but there are moments when I fear it.  The sinful nature is very evident at times.)

3.  The optimism of day one, and the rhythm of day two are shattered on day three and all you can think is ... "I am soooo not cut out for this homeschooling life, God.  You asked me to do this, why?"

2.  You're wishing the Wednesday night program for kids was running again, so you could take them to church and have an hour almost to yourself (still have the 2 yo and baby) ... preferably with a mocha.

And the number one reason you know that your first week of school isn't going as well as you hoped ...

drumroll please ...

1.  You find yourself hiding in the basement pantry, mixing together a package of mini semi-sweet chocolate chips and pouring them into a package of dried cranberries ... then eating handfuls in your closet.

Yes, I did just do that.  Now maybe I'll go take my blood pressure.  It's been a few days since I tested it.

For the record, day one and two went really well.  Day one was hectic and a day of adjustments.  Day two went surprisingly smooth.  Day three ... well, apparently the good can only last so long.

Just staying real,
April E.


  1. Ummmm... DITTO. Tho mine was chocolate chips & honey roasted peanuts. {{{HUGS}}}

  2. Hopefully tomorrow goes better for both of us, Katie! (((hugs)))

  3. That's too Funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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