Monday, December 15, 2014

Feeling Blessed Today

I am sitting here tonight, listening to the sounds of my family, and feeling blessed. I just thought I'd take a moment to share some of the sweet moments in my day.

  • Early this morning I got up quietly, just in case I needed to wake my 19 yo up for work. She found a full-time job over Christmas break, which is a tremendous blessing for her!  She worked there this summer, and always got herself up, but I woke up just in case she needed me. A few minutes later, I heard her get up on her own and go about her morning routine. It's so encouraging to see her maturity and responsibility.
  • Later, this morning I caught my 13 yo son dancing with his 8 yo sister to one of Taylor Swift's latest songs.  (Shake It Off)  I really wanted them to be doing their schoolwork, but there was no way I was going to interrupt a rare moment when they were getting along and having fun. I just quietly walked away.
  • I wrapped presents today while listening to Christmas music. The younger kids took turns ferrying wrapped gifts from my bedroom to the tree. Each child has 3 gifts from Mom and Dad (totaling under $50), a $10 gift from a sibling, and a pajama gift from us. Of course, once you take 5 gifts times 9 kids, and a few for Steve and I ... you have a huge pile around the tree. (I kind of wish I'd waited to wrap some of them so the living room wasn't so FULL, but my closet was a war zone.) It's fun to see the kids' excitement and anticipation!
  • At this moment, I can hear my 17 and 19 yo daughters talking and laughing in the bedroom.  I don't know what they're talking about, but it is so good to hear them enjoying time together while A is home from college. 
  • My 15 year old daughter is also making me smile as she reads The Night Before Christmas and some of our other Christmas books to 4 yo V.  I love when my older kids read to the younger ones. It always makes me smile!
I am sure I could think of a few other blessed moments in my day, but I need to read our Advent devotions to the kids and tuck them into bed.

April E.

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