Friday, May 13, 2016

Review: Busy, Busy! boardbook by Eileen Spinelli

Busy, Busy! is another adorable boardbook by Eileen Spinelli. This book looks at many different animals and what keeps them busy. The illustrations by Elina Ellis are bright and fun!

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You already know I love board books, and reading to my toddlers. Busy, Busy! is especially fun to read to busy toddlers and preschoolers. Each page is full of colorful details to discuss and enjoy.

Eileen Spinelli has written a rhyming text that flows well. This book has two short lines per page, four per two-page spread. One year-old children may not sit through all the words, but two and three year-olds will love it. The final message is that even though Moms are busy, they're never too busy for their children. It's a perfect reminder for children, and parents!

This book is not overtly Christian. Its message will resonate with parents of any faith or background. I am sure it will be a favorite in many homes!

April E.

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