Monday, May 16, 2016

Review: Boys Slimline NLT Bible from Tyndale

My 12 year old son really liked the looks of this Guys Slimline NLT Bible when it arrived. It has a faux leather style cover, with a blue chevron/arrow pattern that is decorative but still manly and mature. It is perfect for junior high boys ready to move away from a children's Bible.

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I have to confess that I have a love for Study Bibles and have bought them for my children in the past. However, they prefer a smaller, thinner Bible that is easier to take with them to church. Honestly, I use a slimline at church much of the time, as well. I still use my Study Bibles at home and when attending an in-depth group Bible Study.

My son loves the simplicity of this Bible. It really is perfect for 6th grade and up. It does have red-letter text for Jesus' quotes, as well as maps in the back for reference. The table of Contents comes in both order of appearance, as well as an alphabetic version for quick location by page number.

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I love this colorful inset with the Bible verse in white. It is a good challenge to the Bible owner and makes an attractive inner cover.

The New Living Translation is easily read and stays true to the meaning of the original text. I like how it re-words verses to make them more clearly understood to children. I haven't read anything that concerns me regarding its translations. It is close enough to the NIV that it won't be hard to follow along when the Pastor is reading from the NIV.

I like the Boys Slimline Bible, but more importantly, my son likes it and will enjoy using it.

April E.

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