Sunday, June 5, 2016

Book Review: Sister Eve and the Blue Nun by Lynne Hinton

I love mysteries! I especially enjoy reading Christian mysteries that I know aren't going to include gratuitous bedroom scenes and foul language. I couldn't resist the title of this book, Sister Eve and the Blue Nun, or the thought of Nancy Drew in a habit. Although it turns out that Evangeline Divine (Sister Eve) is more my age than Nancy Drew's age, and she doesn't wear a habit. In fact, she drives a motorcycle and she's not sure she should still be a nun.

I hadn't read the previous two books in The Divine Private Detective Agency Mystery series, but I completely enjoyed this one. Although I didn't have as much history of the relationships between Sister Eve and others in the book, I was still able to follow the plot without feeling confused.

I started reading this book after I put the children to bed one night, and I didn't stop reading until the book was finished at 1 AM. I originally had some suspicions about the murderer, but Lynne Hinton had tricked me into suspecting someone else before she finally revealed the truth.

I am not a Catholic, and wasn't familiar with the spiritual manifestations and miracles associated with Sister Maria de Jesus de Agreda (the Lady in Blue). That part of the story was interesting, but unusual to me. Although The Divine Private Detective Agency Mysteries are centered around a nun, they are not only for Catholics. They're enjoyable, no matter your denomination.

I highly recommend Sister Eve and the Blue Nun. I liked it so much, I requested the first two books from my library so I can read them this summer. I've found another fun, cozy murder mystery series to follow, and I'm thrilled!

April E.

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