Friday, September 20, 2013

Words, words, words

When you are home all day, with 8 of your children, you hear a lot of words.  Words spoken to you, words spoken between other family members, words coming across the radio or television.

You hear angry words, silly words, loving words, stubborn words. You hear words you don't want to hear ever again ...

There are some words I am tired of hearing.  They drain my energy, try to steal my joy, disturb the peaceful moments.

I don't like this food.
Why?  Why?  But why?  Why?
I don't want to do it.
Mom! She said ...
Mom! He did ...
So-and-so isn't coming to do the chore with me!
I'm hungry. (Of course you are, you didn't eat your supper because you didn't like it.)
You're mean.
I never get to do what I want.
It's not fair.
Why don't you ever let us have any fun?
Mom!  The baby is crying.

But then at the end of every night I hear words that wash away the ugly words. Quiet snuggle in bed words.

I love you, Mommy!
Tuck me in, Mommy!
No, tuck me in like this, Mommy!  
Now say "me love you".
Good night, Mom!
See you tomorrow, Mom!
Get me up early so I can start school, Mom.

And even in the middle of some hard days when several kids are fighting or whining about schoolwork and chores I hear words that encourage.

Don't return that book, Mom.  I want to read the rest of it.
I really like this science book, Mom.
Thanks for the supper, Mom.
That was my favorite, Mom.
Mom, can I tell you about what I just read?
Me love you, Mommy.
You're a great wife and mother, April.
You're doing a good job, April.
Hang in there.
Thanks, pretty wife!

Sometimes there are too many words.  Sometimes the words are loud, strident, ugly, hurtful.  Sometimes they are just tiring, unending, confusing.

I live for the other words - the thank yous, the I love yous, the I enjoyed thats. Sometimes I have to listen hard to hear them.  They are lost in the noise of all the other words.  But they are there.  Every day.

Someday though, I hope to hear even better words.  "Well done, my good and faithful servant" words.

April E.

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