Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Sweet Toddler Funnies

When Baby L began crawling, she'd follow us into the bathroom.   She'd sit and grin while she slid the step stool back and forth on the floor, listening to its rubber feet squeak against the vinyl flooring.  Sometimes we'd hear that weird noise when no one else was in the bathroom, and we'd know exactly what she was up to.

Well, now she's walking, and she's found new uses for the step stool.  The other day, the children were putting a jigsaw puzzle together on the kitchen floor.  The baby gate was up, and she couldn't get in.  She stood at the gate fussing for awhile, but then she walked away.  We thought she'd just given up, until she came back carrying the step stool.  She was headed over to the gate, but Steve and I started laughing loudly, and she came to us instead.

This weekend, at her birthday party, she wandered off, and came back carrying the step stool again.  She set it down next to the coffee table, climbed onto it, and then seemed to be trying to get up onto the coffee table.  I was right there and wouldn't let her.  Everyone was "ahhing" over her standing on the stool.  So she stood up (on the stool) and gave us a concert.  She would hold her hand out toward us, sing an aaaahhhh baby song, and then clap.   She did it several times, and we were all laughing at the concert she was giving us from her little "stage" on the stool.

I'm getting leery, though.  Just what is she going to try to do with this stool next?  We've never had such a small step stool in the bathroom, so we've never had a toddler carry it around before.  My Mom used to tell me about my sister R who climbed.  And she was smart ... she'd stack things to get to what she wanted to reach.  I'm sure she gave my Mom heart failure several times when caught on top of one of her little towers.  I'm beginning to fear that 1 yo L is going to follow in her Aunt R's footsteps.  Yikes!

I wish I knew what her little mind was thinking, sometimes.  She is "fearfully and wonderfully made", and she keeps us laughing.



  1. I am thinking that she is going to be your kinesthetic learner! :)LOL I know it can be scarry though to see them climbing. Praying for you!

    Have a blessed Resurrection Day! Eva

  2. Wishing you a very happy Easter!

  3. Hi,

    I've tagged you for the Thinking Blogger Award! See my blog for details.



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