Wednesday, May 16, 2007

How to make a dramatic exit ...

The all-church picnic is just a few blocks from your house, so you decide to walk.  The diaper bag, stroller, bag of food and toddler are parceled out between the children, and off you go.  You arrive just a minute or two late, and your children scatter to play with friends.  You carry your food to the table, and then find a bench to sit with the baby and watch the other children.

After a few minutes, you realize the 3 year old is missing.  You finally spy him hiding back by a tree, looking shy and overwhelmed.  You (and an overzealous older sister) manage to draw him over to the picnic area.  You bring him to your bench, and settle down to watch the children again.

After a few minutes, the 3 year old begins to cry that his tummy hurts.  You comfort him a little and suggest that maybe it will feel better after he eats.  He says he's hungry, and you hope that is the end of it.  As you try to visit with others, he continues to complain about his tummy.  You quietly ask him if he needs to go potty.  No, he doesn't. 

So, you set the 13 month old down and ask her 11 year old sister to watch her.  You rock the 3 year old on your lap and he settles down. 

After a few minutes, you realize you can't see any children.  You put the 3 year old down and find the children.  All except the baby.  So you question the 11 and 10 year olds, and they tell you the 7 yo has her.  You remind them that the 7 year old isn't really able to watch her well.  You quickly search and find them.  The 7 year old is trying to keep the 13 month old from crossing the alley, and you remind your 11 year old again not to delegate child care duties you give to her.

Just as you get the baby back to the picnic area, they call everyone to pray.  The 3 year old begins to cry louder that his tummy hurts.  You bend down (with the 13 month old on one hip) to hug him and try to shush him during prayer.  Then he begins to say rather loudly "I tink I'm going to pook."  You try to shush and comfort him (while changing positions so he's facing away from you now) but he continues to say this.  And finally, before the prayer is over, he's throwing up in the grass at your feet.

You place the baby back in the stroller, clean up the 3 year old's hands and toes with a wet wipe, pour your drink onto the vomit to try to wash it away.  Then, one by one you tell your other 4 children that you are leaving with the little two and Daddy should be there any minute.  Then you find an adult and let them know the same thing.  And finally, you start walking home, hoping not too many people saw your son throwing up in the grass by your picnic table.  You also hope no one ends up stepping in it.

You meet your husband just one block away, and he decides to take the 13 month old back with him.  So you and the 3 year old come home alone.  He gets to eat applesauce and crackers, while you scrounge for leftovers and hope some of your pasta salad comes home with your family.

Thankfully, this 3 year old has not thrown up again ... yet ... and he does not have a fever.  But, just in case, he has a pallet on the living room floor, and a bucket.

Now ... I'm not sure how you can duplicate this particular dramatic exit.  Especially since this 3 year old was fine before you left the house.  But, if you do desire to make a dramatic exit sometime, you can keep this method in mind.



  1. That is so hard! You just never know how bad their tummy hurts. I didn't take my daughter seriously in the car once. By the third and fourth times if she just got a certain look, I knew what was coming! Praying your little one is all better now! In Him, Eva

  2. Oh no! 'Pooking' is no fun ever but in front of a large crowd? Oh my! That was sweet of S to take L back with him to the picnic. Was there any pasta salad left for you? :-)

  3. oops. that was me, Julie in MI

  4. Now see? I always freak out and know that the little one has eaten some poisonous leaf or something.... (((((HUGS))))) sandi

  5. Now see? I always freak out and know that the little one has eaten some poisonous leaf or something.... (((((HUGS))))) sandi

  6. Now see? I always freak out and know that the little one has eaten some poisonous leaf or something.... (((((HUGS))))) sandi

  7. Oh don't you just love days like that?! I had a dramatic exit experience from Walmart tonight with my one year old puking all over me and the cart as we were leaving! I was walking out brushing chunks of chewed up/digested carrots off of my arm! LOL The things we do for our children!


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