Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Family Movie Night -- With a Sad Twist

Last night we sat and viewed a DVD together as a family.  But it wasn't fun.  It was actually sad for all of us.

We were watching a PBS documentary called "The Forgetting: A Portrait of Alzheimers".  We were watching it as a family because Steve's Mother has been diagnosed with Alzheimers.  It isn't a surprise.  His Grandmother had Alzheimers and we've always known his Mom could get it.  And we've all suspected for a year or two that she had it. 

Steve and I had actually viewed this Documentary twice before, during our suspecting time.  But we checked it out from our library again to view with our children.  They know about the diagnosis, and have been asking questions.

Our 11.5 yo, A, has been worried about the disease.  She's been asking many questions, and understands what this means for her Grandma.  She feels the same sadness Steve and I feel, knowing that Grandma is going to forget her, and even forget herself.  We are grieving already, to be honest.

If you have Alzheimers in your family, this is an excellent documentary.  It is four years old, and Steve was wondering last night what research changes and progress might have happened in those four years.  I told him not enough. 

Although there are medications that can delay the disease's progress, they are very expensive.  Steve's Mom's Doctor didn't recommend she take them.  Besides the cost, he said he hasn't seen them be as helpful as they should, and they also have some side effects that her body could not handle due to other health issues. 

It's a terrible disease.  Thinking about it, and our family's future, hurts.


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  1. I'm so sorry, April. John's grandpa has Alzheimers and I suspect that his mom will be diagnosed with it as well since she is already showing signs at her relatively young age (mid 50s). And I hate to even entertain the thought that my dh could get it as well. :(

    I understand your grieving over this diagnosis. ((((())))) Praying for your family.

    Our local hospitals have support groups and informational meetings and seminars for families who are adjusting to the diagnosis. Do any of your hospitals offer this? It would be worth checking in to.

    Julie in MI


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