Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Learning Through Play

My children have been blessing me lately by extending their learning into their play time.  I love when they do this, because I know that what they are learning excites them, and that it is meaningful to them.

Several weeks ago, 11 yo A decided to draw a human skeleton.  She used one of our children's reference books about the human body and drew a skeleton.  She didn't label it, but she worked hard on it and hung it in our eat-in kitchen which also serves as our school room.

Then last week, we were reading Roxaboxen for our Five In A Row, volume 4 summer school.  It was supposed to just be the 3 girls (11 yo A, 10 yo R, and 8 yo C) but 6 yo J was also drawn into the story.  He sat and listened to it with the girls.  When the story was over, C and J hurriedly ran off to play Roxaboxen in the back yard.  They imagined they were in Roxaboxen and were creating their own little Roxaboxen houses in our backyard.  It put a smile on my face to hear them playing while I worked in the kitchen.

Last week, my children were thrilled to discover that a new season of Fetch! was on TV.   (Fetch is a PBS TV show that gives the children on the show daily challenges to solve.)   They sat down to watch the new episode, part of which included a discussion of what part of the human brain does what tasks.  The next day, 10 yo R decided to draw the human brain, including labels of the sections of the brain and what tasks they do.  She too used one of our children's reference books.  I was proud of the time she put into her diagram.

But I was surprised the next day when R showed me that 8 yo C and 6 yo J had also made diagrams.  C made a diagram of the human hearts, which R labeled for her.  J made a diagram of the human tongue and what sections of the tongue taste which types of flavors, which R labeled for him.  I don't know when they made their diagrams, or how I missed it.  But now my kitchen school room has 4 lovely diagrams, drawn voluntarily by my children, hanging on the wall.

And they were having fun!  I'm so glad my children enjoy learning, and that we homeschool!


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  1. How cool! I love it when things like that come bubbling out of them, too. Talk about a feeling of satisfaction!


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