Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Tip of the Day -- Making the Wrong Curriculum Work

So, you bought a curriculum, only to later decide it just isn't going to work for your family.  Before you sell it (possibly at a loss) and have to spend money on something different, try these steps to see if you can make it work for your family.

First, read the manual!  Maybe you missed an important step in using it. Maybe you're making it more complicated than it needs to be.  So, go back to the book itself.  How does the author suggest using the curriculum?  Does the author give any tips to adapt it to your family?

Second, find a website or email list of others who use this curriculum.  Join it and start asking questions.  You may find others using the curriculum in unorthodox ways that might work for your family, as well.  If you know anyone who uses this curriculum, ask them how they use it.

Third, before you sell it, pray!   Ask God to show if there is any possible way you can make this curriculum work for your family.  Give yourself some time ... creative solutions don't always come immediately.  Have patience.

If all else fails, and you do come to the conclusion that it just isn't possible to make it work for your family, then sell it!  But I've personally found that I can usually make something work, if I follow these steps.  I may not choose to use the adapted curriculum long-term, but adapting it can give me time to choose something else, or to finish out the school year, or just to save money for a new curriculum.

April E.  (ElCloud Homeschool) is a Homeschool Mom of 6.  She has homeschooled for over 7 years, and enjoys sharing the things she's learned in her homeschool journey with others. 

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