Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Review: The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

I've been subscribed to The Old Schoolhouse Magazine for two years.  And last year, I added a third year to my subscription.   I have looked forward to each issue that I have received since I subscribed.  My husband reads some of the articles in each issue, and my children are always eager to see it when I've finished reading it.

In fact, I lost my Summer issue awhile back.  I was constantly asking the children what they had done with the magazine.  I was frustrated that it was lost because it was one I particularly wanted to keep, since it's theme was Charlotte Mason methods of education.  Since this is the homeschool style I'm closest to following, I was upset that the magazine was missing.

For days, I nagged about this magazine, I'm ashamed to admit.  I'm even more ashamed to admit that as I began packing to move, I found the magazine in my own stack beside my own recliner, on the floor.  Oops!  I did apologize to my children, who were quick to remind me they did say they had put it back.

I was subscribed to a secular ladies magazine this past year, for part of the year.  I can't remember why, but Steve had been offered some deal on it.  It was a disappointment -- and after a brief perusal, each issue ended up in the trashcan.  Its title would seem that it would be a magazine I would enjoy, but it had changed since my Mom used to subscribe, and it was a waste of our money.

On the other hand, I have never received an issue of The Old Schoolhouse that was not a treasure and a blessing.  Thank you, Suarezes, and all the TOS staff & writers, for a wonderful magazine. 

You can take advantage of the TOS Buy One Get One for $5 sale going on right now.  If you buy a one year subscription for yourself, you can get another one-year subscription for $5 for a friend.  You can give yourself and a friend this wonderful gift for Christmas!


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