Tuesday, March 11, 2008

God's Timing is Always Perfect ...

In our marriage, we have learned several lessons about God's perfect timing.  We have experienced these lessons in many areas of our life, but at the moment I've been remembering the lessons we learned in the growth of our family. 

In our pregnancies, we have had two whose timing were not our choice.  They came too early for our plans, but we rejoiced in them, and thanked God.  We chose to accept that God's timing was not our own, but that He is wiser than we are.

We have had two pregnancies where we longed for a baby, and tried, and waited, for months before God granted that baby to us.  We again accepted that God's timing was not our own, but that He is wiser than we are.

Three of these four learning experiences actually came before we stopped trying to plan and control our family size.  Even at that time, God showed us that He was in control of conception and birth, not us.  He opens and closes the womb.  He gives new life.

We have had two pregnancies that ended very soon after they began.  These losses actually both occurred during one of those times when God said "wait".  The baby we'd been longing for finally arrived when his older brother was just a few weeks away from turning 3.  Our longest spacing ever. 

One pregnancy was just right.  We knew God was in control, and it neither seemed too early, too late, or anything.  It was a blessing, and we were thankful.

But, we've had two pregnancies that just amazed us with God's perfect timing.  His timing was so perfect, and we were so thankful.  I want to share those with you.

The first was our fourth baby, our first son.   I had run a home daycare since our first two daughters were 2yo and 7 months old.  We now had 3 girls, and were planning to start homeschooling in the Fall.  My daycare was going to close in August, but I was having problems with my 3 year old's behavior and prayed in May that the twin sisters I watched could get into their new daycare sooner than the Fall.  That very day, their mother called me and said, "I can't believe it.  They say the girls can get in next week.  What should I do?"  I cried and told her to do it.  She was a Christian and we cried together when I told her my prayer. One month later, God planted a new child within me.  I was able to deal with the morning sickness without additional children that Summer.  And, the morning sickness passed before it was time to begin our first year of homeschool that Fall.  I thanked God for His timing so many times that Summer.  He is so wise!!

The second time is this pregnancy, our 7th child.  Last year, we were aware that my cycles could return any time after the middle of the year.  (Extended breastfeeding usually gives me about 18 months of no cycles, sometimes a bit earlier, sometimes a bit longer.)   We didn't have maternity coverage, and had a high deductible on my insurance.  We'd paid for our last two births (homebirths) out of pocket, but our financial situation had changed. We didn't think we could manage that again.  We began to pray for a new job for Steve, with better insurance.  God answered that prayer.  My cycles returned while I was packing, and preparing for the move.  I began to pray that God would let me just get through the move, and settled in before morning sickness hit me.  I was looking forward to our 7th baby, but also hoped for a bit more time.  God answered that prayer, as well.  Not only did we move,  and get unpacked, but we also made it through the busy Christmas season, and a visit from my parents, 3 sisters, and my nephew at New Year's before we found out I was pregnant.  We had another couple weeks to get school started again before the morning sickness hit, and it will be over by the time Spring is here, with the work of a garden and possibly chicks.  I'm so thankful for God's marvelous timing this pregnancy.

I believe His timing is always perfect, but sometimes it is more obvious, and more of a blessing, than others.


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