Thursday, December 18, 2008

Motherboard Books How To Make A Webpage Ebook

I've lost my title as "Amazing Mom!"  My daughters used to stand by in awe whenever they saw me tweaking the template for my blog.  They'd tell me I was amazing, or a genius.  Really, they did!  

But now, thanks to Motherboard Books' e-book, How To Make A Web Page, the awe and mystery is gone.  They have now created their own web pages, and explored the language of HTML.   I'm going to have to find some new way to be "Amazing Mom!"


My 11 and 13 year old daughters tested this e-book for me.  It is written TO the student and FOR the student.  My 13 year old daughter told me I needed to tell everyone that this e-book is easy to follow, and very clearly explained.  She said it breaks it down into simple steps.  The girls had fun creating their web pages, with very little help from me.  I helped 13 yo A with one small thing because she'd skimmed over a page and missed a step.  11 yo R needed a little more help, but A walked her through it. 


It's designed for children, ages 8-12, however the younger your children are, the more help you'll need to give them.  There is a Jr. version for younger children, as well, but I think this version can be stretched to fit more ages, younger and older, and would recommend it instead.  The e-book includes helpful screen shots so you can SEE what you are supposed to do next, as well as read the instructions.


I'll be honest, as I read the e-book myself, I thought "Aha!  I can make my own blog template now, instead of just tweaking other templates to suit me."  My children aren't the only ones who will benefit from this e-book.  I am sure I'll be referring to it, as well.


If you need a computer science credit or want to explore vocational training for your  kids, then check out Motherboard Books!  They have a 30 day money-back satisfaction guarantee.  The  Let's Make A Web Page  E-book costs $29.99, but is currently available as an introductory offer for $19.99.


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