Friday, December 12, 2008

Core-Learning Crayola Art Studio Software

Are you looking for a last minute Christmas gift for your nieces or nephews, or your own children?  Core-Learning's new Crayola Art Studio would be a wonderful gift!  Or make it a gift for the whole family to enjoy! 


My children have been playing with it every day since we received it.  They've created a wide variety of pictures and designs -- from the 4 year old, right up to the 13 year old.  I've enjoyed playing with the watercolors and pastels, myself. 


I love that the watercolor "brush" really works like watercolors ... including that the longer you paint, the lighter the color becomes, blending and bleeding into the other colors.  Pastels look like pastels, and chalk looks like chalk.  You aren't just limited to 10 or 12 colors, either.  There are pre-set palettes, but users can also mix colors to create the perfect shade.  A wonderful lesson in colors for the kids, without the mess of mixing real paint.


Crayola Art Studio is versatile and can be used to create icons, banners, and graphics for the internet.  It can be used to create cards, invitations, and wallpaper for your monitor, as well.  Your children can either save their artwork, print it, or save it and upload it to the internet.   It's fun and easy to use, and the whole family WILL enjoy it.  The best part for Mom may very well be less paper clutter around the house.  Crayola Art Studio retails for $29.95 according to the brochure I was given, but it's currently listed for $24.95 on their site.


Core Learning has a variety of other innovative educational software available at reasonable prices:  math, art, health, language, and critical thinking.  (I'd love to add the Core Mind Master Quest For Treasure CD to our family collection.  We love critical thinking puzzle games.  And $14.95 is a good price!)  The Core Learning website has Demos you can download to test the products before you buy, or you can take a tour right at the website.  (Look for the demos link on the right side of their menu.)   You can read more about the company and their mission HERE.


While you're checking out the Core-Learning website, look at their SPECIALS page ... today's specials are for phoned-in orders only, but they include Buy One Get One 1/2 Price, 50% off the Calculation Skills Series Set, and 30% off the Family Health Series Set.  I'm not sure how long those specials will last.


So, if you really do need just one more gift for Christmas, or an upcoming birthday ... I definitely recommend Core-Learning Crayola Art Studio! 


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  1. I didn't get this to review, but I went to the website to check it out. I just realized that this is the same company that developed Corefx. We gave that software to my son last year for Christmas and it is absolutely wonderful. He uses it all the time!


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