Friday, December 19, 2008

Peterson Directed Handwriting

Peterson Directed Handwriting is a very in-depth handwriting curriculum designed to develop handwriting fluency in children.  They truly have a passion for helping children write easily, neatly, and quickly.  Their website has a wealth of information and resources to help you teach handwriting to your children.   They also sell a variety of products to help your children hold their pencils and pens correctly, learn their letter formation, and position their bodies correctly.


I was glad that we received Peterson Directed Handwriting to review.  Reading the material inspired me to work harder with my children regarding their hand position on their pencils.  I did have several children who held their pencils "funky" and suffered from hand cramps when writing.  I had not pushed this issue since they write neatly, at least legibly.  The weeks that we worked with the program did help improve their grip and position.  I can definitely see how the right tools (those triangular shaped pencils) can make this easier to learn. 


I was most impressed with their early levels of handwriting curriculum, and can see how the animation CD and air writing can help children learn their letter formation.  Having children use large motor movements  by air writing before trying to use fine motor movements involved in handwriting makes sense!


However, I didn't care for the curriculum itself.  There is so much material to wade through, and the teacher/student manuals are not as user-friendly as we are accustomed to.  This program also depends fully on teacher involvement.  If you have several students using the program, you will need to work with each child individually, each day that they do handwriting.


In general, this curriculum requires much more teacher involvement, time and effort (for the children and the teacher) than we are accustomed to.  Although I do not feel this level of detailed instruction would be necessary for everyone, I can see how it would be helpful for children who struggle with handwriting.  Some of the Crew members with special needs children were especially blessed by this curriculum.


Rand Nelson, of Peterson Directed Handwriting is available by email or a live meeting room to help you best choose a level for your child, or to help you work through your student's problems.  He is very helpful, and is truly passionate about handwriting.


Peterson Directed Handwriting has reasonable prices.  Their Basic Grade 1 Homeschool Kit is $15.05, and the Complete Grade 1 Homeschool Kit is $38.55.  Their other products and tools are also reasonably priced. 


Although this curriculum is not one we will continue with, I'm so glad it is available for those whose children have processing disorders, or for children who struggle with fluid handwriting movements.  Being able to write easily and neatly is very important, as Mr. Pencil (Rand Nelson) will tell you.

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