Wednesday, June 17, 2009

2009 Schoolhouse Planner

One thing I often hear when meeting someone, or discussing our family size is "You must be so organized!"  I've been known to laugh at that comment, because I'm just trying to keep 100 plates spinning without dropping them.  My husband assures me I am organized, but the plates often feel ready to come crashing down.  When I get too overwhelmed with the 100 spinning plates, I start making lists.  I like my calendar, and I love my lists!

Last year, I reviewed the 2008 Schoolhouse Planner as part of my application for the Homeschool Crew.  As a certified "list maker", I really enjoyed the Planner, and was glad to find forms I hadn't even thought of creating.  I knew many of the forms would be helpful ... either now or in the future.  I printed the forms and wrote directly onto the paper, not really understanding the data entry capabilities of the planner. 

Once again, I'm blessed to review the 2009 Schoolhouse PlannerThe Old Schoolhouse has made some great changes, and added over 40 additional forms.  There are 12 new articles from homeschool leaders and authors, and 24 new recipes.  In addition to last year's 14 helpful lists, there are 12 new lists of important information.  The 2009 Schoolhouse Planner has 375 pages, compared to last year's 247 pages. 

Some of the new forms that have been added since last year include: 

  • high school transcript

  • book report forms

  • preschool activities list

  • preschool planning sheets

  • weekly and daily schedules for different numbers of children, up to 5 children

  • attendance chart

  • alphabet copywork sheets

  • co-op planning sheets

  • home repair list

  • home project organizer

  • car maintenance forms

  • Bible study notes form

With my 13 year old entering 9th grade this year, I was thrilled to see the new High School Transcript form,  as well as the high school hours tracking sheet, and the 12 year planning sheet.  Those forms, along with the test grade record sheets and progress reports will help me keep track of our high school years.  I know I need to keep more detailed records now that we're beginning high school, and the 2009 Schoolhouse Planner  will make that so much easier.

I was also excited to see the 3 different homeschool co-op planning forms which are new this year.  I will be working with another lady in our homeschool group to plan the co-op classes and meetings next school year.  This is a new role for me, and I know these forms will help keep me "together".  These forms will be helpful in organizing my thoughts, and communicating them to the other homeschool moms in our group. 

There is so much information, and so many different forms in the 2009 Schoolhouse Planner, I know I will be referencing it for years to come.  I appreciate the data-entry capabilities that will allow me to print a  "finished" copy of my calendar, school records, report cards and especially our high school transcripts.  My husband is making plans for us to start printing quarterly or semester reports for our high school students and file them in the fire-proof safe.  That type of record-keeping appeals to him, as well.

The 2009 Schoolhouse Planner is a product I recommend for new homeschool families and veteran homeschool families.  The lists, essays, and forms make it useful for more than just one year.  Most of the forms come in more than one variation, so you can choose the style that works best for you, or try a new method each year.  You can custom design a planner for Mom, a planner for your older students, and even one for Dad.   It's a $39 value that will be long-lasting. 

I've already typed our birthdays, holidays, and important events into the calendar, and printed it out.  Now I'm set to take my folder with me to appointments and meetings ... after all, I have to keep up my "organized Mom" persona.  I'm still working on organizing my 2009-10 school planner, but my personal planner is ready!

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  1. Great Job! But then, I new you would do well LOL!

  2. I like how you listed what was new from last year's planner.

  3. I love getting a taste of how you plan to use this for high school. That time is coming close here, but not quite yet... I needed to think a bit more about what kind of tracking high school will require.

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