Monday, June 15, 2009

"Full and By" -- my Homeschool Crew unit

As a TOS Homeschool Crew First Mate, I've been assigned the five new Crew Members I'll be mentoring.

We've decided to name our mini-Crew "Full And By" which is an old sailing term.   From Wikipedia's article on nautical terms: 
"Full and by – Sailing into the wind (by), but not as close-hauled as might be possible, so as to make sure the sails are kept full. This provides a margin for error to avoid being taken aback (a serious risk for square-rigged vessels) in a tricky sea. Figuratively it implies getting on with the job but in a steady, relaxed way, without undue urgency or strain."

As a relaxed homeschooler, that is exactly how I want my homeschool to be ... "getting on with the job in a steady, relaxed way without undue urgency or strain."  In other words, just do the next thing without stress or panic.  Don't sweat it!  Relax!

My five "Full And By" crew mates are:

You'll want to check out their great blogs, and be watching for their reviews through the upcoming year!

Trusting in Him,

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