Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hero Dads

Dads are heroes when they

  • work hard to support their families

  • work two jobs so their wives can stay home

  • provide homeschooling materials for their wives and children

  • drive old paid-for cars when everyone else at work has a newer one so their wife can stay home

  • sacrifice daily in big and small ways

  • come home and work hard in their off-time to take care of their home and family

  • read to their kids at bedtime, even when they're exhausted

  • teach their sons to use tools and their daughters how to drive

  • skip the ball games and other costly hobbies

  • take care of the dirty and messy jobs so their wives don't have to

  • protect their family in every way

  • protect their children's minds by being careful of what they watch

  • know when their wives need a hug, and give it

  • bring home a dark chocolate bar for their wife, just because ...

  • think of their families first

  • drag their tired bodies out of bed for another day at work

  • bake with more helpers than Mom can stand in the kitchen

  • hold a crying baby so Mom can get a shower

  • change diapers

  • take their families to church

There are so many ways that our husbands are heroes to us and our children, but these are just a few that have been on my heart and mind.

Trusting in Him,

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