Wednesday, July 1, 2009

WFMW: An easy crockpot meal

I had another WFMW post all written out, before I realized there's a theme today.  So, I'll just post that one another week. 

We don't have air conditioning, and we live in hot humid Kansas.  We do have a wonderful all-house fan and an attic fan.  Those combined with lots of carefully positioned fans (including window fans) make life bearable.  Now when it hits 100* there's no way around it ... we will sweat and we will look like it.  But it's still better than nothing.

Why did I tell you that?  So you'll understand why I do NOT want to use the ancient propane stove/oven in my kitchen during the summer.  Even using the stove top heats up the kitchen.  And I definitely won't use the oven ... it can raise the house temp from 88* to 92* in just  an hour.   I spend lots of time looking up crock pot recipes during the summer instead.

One of the easiest crock pot recipes I have is one from my Mom's repertoire.  I don't know that it even has a name.  Potato Green Bean Sausage Casserole maybe?

It has just a few ingredients:

Onion (optional, my Mom doesn't use them)
Can of Green Beans with juice
Sausages  (Italian, Smoked, or Polish)
Black Pepper (also optional, since my Mom doesn't use it)

1.  You can peel your potatoes, or leave the skins on ... whatever your family prefers.  I like the time savings and health benefits of leaving my skins on.   Just wash them, and then slice them into 1/4 inch thick slices.  Fill the crockpot 1/2 full of potatoes.

2.  Slice your onion in rings.  Layer them over the potatoes.   (optional but I like them)

3.  Sprinkle with black pepper ... paprika would also work.   (optional but I like it, too.)

4.  Open a can of green beans (or two if your family loves them) and pour over the potatoes, juice and all!

5.  Slice the sausages (any variety except breakfast sausages) into 1 inch thick slices.  Place them on top of the green beans.

6.  Cover and cook for either 4-5 hours on high, or 8-10 hours on low.  (This depends on how hot your crock pot is.  I have two, and the new one cooks faster than the old one.)  It's ready when the potatoes are tender.

The sausages will flavor the potatoes and green beans quite well.  It's delicious, and easy!

It works for me!

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