Wednesday, September 9, 2009

"The Everyday Angel"

I picked up a placque at a yard sale the other day.  It was cute, but what really caught my eye was the quote on it.  I thought of giving it to someone else at first, but then decided I needed this reminder myself. 
      "The Everyday Angel"
For a good everyday household angel, give us the woman who laughs. 

Her pastry may not always be just right, and she may occasionally burn her bread and forget to replace missing buttons, but for solid comfort all day and every day she is an absolute delight. 

Home is not a battlefield, nor life one long, unending fight. 

The trick of always seeing the bright side, of polishing up the dark one, is a very important faculty, one of the things no woman should be without.

We are not all born with brilliant sunshine in our hearts, but we can cultivate a cheerful sense of humor if we only try.

   ~~ From An Old Scrapbook ~~

It's a reminder that I don't have to be perfect ... supper can be a flop, and I may not sew all our clothes.  What really matters is that I make our home a peaceful and joyful haven ... and that begins with my own attitude.  Am I peaceful and joyful instead of anxious and crabby?

Just a reminder to cultivate a cheerful sense of humor amidst the dirty dishes, dirty diapers, dirty clothes, dirty children, and piles of schoolwork.

Trusting In Him,

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  1. Thank you for this very timely post. Thank you, too, for your email reply to my inquiry for suggestions when a child has lost their love of learning (thanks to me being a pushy mom!) My kids are excited about home education this year and that's a good start to have. I will be applying your suggestions, and it's a good reminder to choose joy.

    I have been reminded a lot lately (which means God keeps reminding me) that the yoke is supposed to be easy when walking WITH Him. When I am anxious and frustrated and struggling, I am forgetting to keep walking with Him and trying to do everything myself. Your post goes right along with that. Thanks again!


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