Friday, October 2, 2009

Some funnies from our week --

I'm on a small website with other moms of many.  We were discussing how easy it is to get bogged down in life's details and forget to laugh.  So, we have been purposing to share funny things from our lives to brighten the days of our fellow moms.  Here are a few I shared today from the last two days.

1.  This one was from last night. 
My 9th grader is currently reading All's Quiet On The Western Front  by Remarque for history and literature.   She told me it has some bad words in it, and she was surprised.  We talked about how books about soldiers usually do have some bad words in them.

Then she came to me late last night just giggling and giggling.  "Mom, did you know FART was a word in 1929?"  giggle, giggle.

Then she tells me the book said that one character looked upward with a meditative stare and farted, then said something along the lines of "beans should be heard and not just seen."   She found this hilarious!

Not just the line itself, but that it is in a book from 1929 ... a classic literature book.  So, if you wondered how old the word "fart" is ... it's at least 80 years old.

The exact quote was: 

We have settled ourselves on the sunny side of the hut.  There is a smell of tar, of summer, and of sweaty feet.  Kat sits beside me.  He likes to talk.  Today we have done an hour's saluting drill because Tjaden failed to salute a major smartly enough.  Kat can't get it out of his head.

"You take it from me, we are losing the war because we can salute too well," he says.

Kropp stalks up, with his breeches rolled up and his feet bare.  He lays out his washed socks to dry on the grass.  Kat turns his eyes to heaven, lets off a mighty fart, and says meditatively:  "Every little bean must be heard as well as seen."

The book was written in 1929, and set in 1914 ... with the word fart in it.  I thought it was a newer slang word.  So, we looked it up -- and apparently "fart" is one of the oldest English words, with variations in many other Germanic languages.  Supposedly, it wasn't even seen as rude at one point in time.  I was raised that it was rude, and I've tried to teach my kids that it's rude.  They don't listen any better than I did when my Mom wanted me to stop using it.  Interesting.

2.  Yesterday, our dog found a dead rabbit.  She likely was the cause of the dead rabbit.  She was fighting over the rabbit with the neighbor dog, though.  The kids were keeping tabs.  "Molly has it now."  "Tank took it away."  "Look, Molly has it over under the truck."

Then we discovered that dogs who chew on dead things stink.  Badly.  So badly that you send them right back outside to chew on the dead thing ... because then they won't be inside sitting next to you.

3.  Virginia Soaps & Scents is a homeschooling family's business.  We're reviewing some of their soaps for the TOS Crew.  Their stamp on the soaps is a large V and two vertically-intertwined S's.  My kids say it looks more like VS than VSS -- so they keep calling it my Victoria's Secret soaps.   

I keep saying "Virginia. Soaps. And. Scents." 

They reply, "No, that's VSAS, this only says VSS."  Goofy girls!

4.  The TOS Crew memberswere recently talking about how our kids react to the reviews.  If they see us writing a review they might say, "Weren't you going to ask me what I thought about it?"  (Yes, my kids have asked me that.) 

Every thing that arrives in the mail has to be questioned ... "Is this for review?  Or just for us?"

And they have opinions to offer on every little thing now.  Not that they didn't before, but now they make it sound official and important.

5.  One morning before school this week, my boys were playing Jedi knights with their plastic light sabers.  My 12 yo daughter had the 1 yo boy on her lap on the couch.  She got a light saber and was helping the 1 yo use it.  He just laughed and laughed as he had a sword fight with his 5 yo brother.

Just a few light-hearted highlights from our family this week.  Some weeks are more hilarious than others.  We've smiled and laughed a lot this week, but we didn't really have any great "one-liners" to share.
Trusting In Him,


  1. Virginia Soaps & ScentsOctober 2, 2009 at 4:11 PM

    Actually, girls, Victoria's Secret is just trying to get on our bandwagon. Some people will stop at nothing!!

    My #1 son, Sam, who is also my logo designer, appreciates the input. I think I just lost him to Victoria's Secret.

    Roy Spargur

    Virginia Soaps & Scents (lol)

  2. Ah! How embarrassing! You found my comments. We're silly here, but we are loving the soaps! :-) I'm waiting to post a review because I want to see how they work out on some of my sensitive skinned family. I'm hoping they help. :-)

    April E.

  3. kids say such funny things! That was a good history lesson on the word :"fart" who would of known!




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