Monday, April 12, 2010

All About Reading's Second Beehive Reader

My 6 year old son was thrilled when we received this little book in the mail.  He's loved reading from his All About Reading Beehive Reader 1 (recently renamed Cobweb the Cat by AAR).  So, when our advance copy of  What Am I? arrived, he quickly claimed it ... for later.

What Am I? is the second book in the All About Reading beginner readers series.  The readers correspond with the All About Spelling curriculum levels.  What Am I? includes words that children using All About Spelling level 2 are learning.  But these readers are excellent, even for families like ours who don't use All About Spelling.

The stories in What Am I? are longer than those in Cobweb the Cat, with more difficult words.  But the pictures are just as charming as the illustrations in the first Beehive Reader.

The All About Reading Beehive Readers are hardcover books with quality pages that have an easy-turn texture.  What Am I? is 160 pages long, and includes ten short stories.  We're looking forward to using it once my son completes his first Beehive Reader. 

Marie Rippel, author of All About Spelling and All About Homophones, is developing these readers to correspond not only with All About Spelling ... but also with the new reading curriculum she is developing.   All About Reading should be available in Winter 2010, and can be used with All About Spelling, or on its own. 

What Am I? will retail for $19.95 and will be available soon at All About Reading or All About Spelling.  I highly recommend both of the Beehive Readers we've received, and they are working wonderfully with my 6 year old.  He loves reading from his very own book!

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  1. Those look really neat! How is everyone at your place? Everything is fine here! If you would tell the girls I said hello.

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