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Terrestria Chronicles: Christian allegories for the family!

Knights, castles, princes, swords, and quests ... the very things that fairy tales and adventures are made of.  But The Terrestria Chronicles aren't fairy tales.  They're allegories that bring to life the spiritual growth of young Josiah from his servitude to evil Argamor, to his salvation by King Emmanuel and adoption as a Prince of the Kingdom.  But it doesn't end there.  That is just the beginning of Prince Josiah's adventures.  He has much to learn and many things to experience as he serves King Emmanuel.

We received book 1 and 2 in The Terrestria Chronicles series for review.  The Sword, The Ring, & The Parchment begins the tale of Josiah as a slave in Argamor's blacksmith shop, his rescue by King Emmanuel, and his move to the Castle of Faith where he is taught to use his sword and to pray.  The second book, The Quest For The Seven Castles, follows Josiah on a journey for the King where he must face challenges and overcome temptations and sins in order to develop spiritual muscles, spiritual disciplines, and become more like his King.


I have always enjoyed allegories, but I didn't expect these books to minister to me.  I sat down to read these books because I had to, thinking of them mainly as books for my older children (ages 10 - 14).  Instead, I found my own heart encouraged, challenged, and convicted by the books.  Initially, my oldest daughter wasn't interested in reading them.  But after I read the first book, I told her she really should read it.  I told her it had encouraged me, and I knew it would do the same for her.  Also, both these books addressed some of the spiritual questions and issues that she and I have discussed recently. 

The Terrestria Chronicles are not typical fantasy books.  There are no elves, no fairies, no magic, and no wizards in the books at all.   They are Christian allegories set in the backdrop of knights and castles.  

Ed Dunlop has done an excellent job of explaining Christian growth in The Terrestria Chronicles allegories.  He addresses many of the doubts, struggles, and temptations that every Christian faces ... in a way that can be appreciated by older children, and adults.   I definitely recommend this series!  This series would make an excellent family read-aloud, especially when used with the Visits To Terrestria study guide.  I feel the books will be best understood by those age 10 and up, possibly even those age 12 and up.

If you're interested in learning more about The Terrestria Chronicles, you can read excerpts from the books at   Each book is available in a sturdy paperback, or in hardcover.  The paperback books are sold for $7.99 each, although the set of seven books is currently available (for a limited time) for $39.99 (normally $47.99).   The hardcovers are only sold as a set of 7, and are  available here for $73.99.   The spiral bound study guide is sold for $5.99.

Ed Dunlop has written other books for children as well.  He has another set of Terrestria books, entitled Tales From Terrestria. The Tales From Terrestria series does not need to be read in order, as each book is a stand-alone book.  He has also written the Sherlock Jones Detective Stories, the Young Refugee Series, and the Jed Cartwright Adventure Stories.   Several of these books are available as free e-books you can download at his website.   There are also free coloring sheets available.

This is a great series that can help encourage young Christians to stay in God's Word, guard their hearts from sin, and serve the Lord more faithfully.  It's enjoyable to read, and uplifting.  I highly recommend The Terrestria Chronicles! 

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