Thursday, September 23, 2010

Schleich toys

We love Schleich toys! Our family loves how detailed the figurines are, the high quality of their materials, and the wide variety of animals, people, and figures that they make.  Since we first reviewed them in 2009, our family has begun to collect  Schleich figurines.  Animals have found their way into Christmas stockings, and our sons have spent their birthday money to buy knights with horses.

Schleich creates high quality figurines  in three different categories:

  • The World of Nature

  • The World of History

  • The World of Fantasy

This Asian elephant calf is one of the animals that was recently sent to us for review.   Like all of the Schleich figurines, he is carefully hand-painted!  I happened to have two other toy elephants that were similar in size, but definitely not in quality.

The Schleich figurine just stands out as the most realistic and most detailed elephant.  When you hold them in your hand, you can feel that it is also the heaviest and sturdiest of the three elephant figures.

Schleich sells a wide variety of wild animals from different continents.  Many of them also include babies and parents like the Gnu and Gnu calf on the left in the picture below.  My oldest daughter was thrilled to see the Okapi (on right), which is one of her favorite animals.

Schleich also has a Farm Life collection of more ordinary animals like the donkey and the Swabian Hall piglet in the picture below.  For the horse collector, they have many unusual breeds like the Dartmoor pony on the right, complete with tiny silver horseshoes, and the wild Przewalskis Horse in the center.

The Schleich figurines cross over age barriers.  Children appreciate them for the imaginative play they inspire.  Teens and adults view them as collector items to be treasured and displayed.

Prices on Schleich figurines will vary, based on the size of the figurine, and the store that is selling them.  Baby animals can be bought for $2.50, while knights with horses are in the $15 - $16 range.   When I first saw Schleich figurines in a store, I confess I thought they were  expensive for animal toys.  Since we received our very first set of review samples,  I've been so impressed with their quality that I now consider them a worthwhile investment.  We still look for sale prices on them, but we definitely feel they are worth adding to our toyshelf!

This item was provided free for my review as a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew.   I received no other compensation, and this review is our family's honest opinion. Visit the TOS Homeschool Crew blog to read more reviews on this product by other Homeschool Crew members.

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  1. I love all of your elephants! these really are beautiful, aren't they? I'm now a Scheich fan for life!


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